Zeollar – The All new Technology TV Channel on your browser!

Zeollar - The All new Technology TV Channel on your browser!Zeollar is a Microsoft India DPE initiative that gets you the latest technical content on a daily basis in different channels. Think of it like a personal television that switches on every day at a specified hour allowing you to switch channels and view the channel of your interest.

Just to give a snapshot on the technologies used for this project – Windows Azure, SQL Azure, CDN technologies for on-demand videos, Support for smooth streaming for on-demand videos, Windows Media encoder, Social networking integration with FB and Twitter, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery among others. Designed using Expression suite and developed in c# and Java script.

You can access the zeollar here – http://zeollar.cloudapp.net/

Zeollar provides you smooth streaming of videos, which means, as your internet bandwidth goes high, the video quality gets much better and better! I could test that, and was able to make out a visible difference!

Ram (head, DPE-India) says,

This technology evangelism platform is conceived and built by our team to try out various ways to reach out to technical audience. Please take a look at what pandu/supreet (dev/designer combo of this project) have to say on this project. (Watch this video on Introduction to Zeollar!)

BTW, this project is all cloud based. We don’t talk cloud; we do cloud., and Zeollar stands for Zero Dollar – that’s how much we spent for this project and planning to spend for its sustenance (almost)!

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