Problem Step Recorder (PSR.exe) – Screen Capture Tool

Sometimes when a user has an issue with his machine which needs an IT Pro help, the helpdesk always tries to resolve this error quickly, either involves in sending someone to the user’s desk or remote connection to the user’s machine to fix it.  When the user is not in office, its even harder to troubleshoot.

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Most of the times, the user description of the problem may not be specific enough., and the support team may need some additional information from the user to understand the issue better.  It would be easy to understand the problem, if they could see what happened.  Thats where exactly, the Problem Step Recorder comes handy!

The problem Step recorder in Windows 7 lets the user save the steps which caused the issue, with the complete screenshots on what happened, along with the compiled html file. The user can then send this html file to the helpdesk and ease them understand the problem better.  The order of screenshots may help the helpdesk to identiy the issue more faster.

Other than Issue reporting, you can use this tool to create screencasts. Also, it proves really handy to create how-to tutorials and documents!!!

Invoking the Problem Step Recorder(psr) is as easy as typing psr (or to be in specific psr.exe) in the search bar, and hit the enter button.

Problem Step Recorder

The program starts with this below options,

Problem Step Recorder - Recording Dialog

On clicking the “Start Record” button, the program will start recording all the subsequent windows, key presses and mouse clicks. Now launch the program which is creating an issue. Observe that, the PSR shows the recording now in the status message in the dialog header.

Problem Step Recorder - Recording Now

Once you get the issues in the program, which you wanted to report… you can click on the Stop Record button. This will give you an option to save the report file.

Problem Step Recorder - Saving the report

This file contains all the steps and information that was recorded to help you describe the problem to others.  Using this report file, you can review the recorded problem steps and also review the recorded problem steps as a slide show.

Problem Step Recorder - Report

Also, at the end of the report, an additional technical summary is created to help advanced users and developers.

Problem Step Recorder - Technical Report

For the demo purpose, I have created an issue report of calculator (divide by zero error). Do check the report here to understand how funntasstic this tool is!!!