Download ebook – High Performance Computing for Dummies

Whether your business works in engineering, financial services, design, geosciences, computer-aided graphics, biosciences or a wide range of other sectors, High Performance Computing (HPC) could help you to gain a competitive advantage. Expensive, specialist supercomputers are no longer required. Instead, commodity hardware that’s commonplace for Web servers and desktop workstations can be used with open-source software to provide affordable, scalable HPC solutions.

However, selecting the right products, technologies and partners can be critical to success. This free guide gives a brief introduction to HPC and explains how HPC helps enterprises to gain a competitive edge.

High Performance Computing for Dummies bookWhat the eBook includes:

  • Practical advice on how to get started with HPC
  • Three key advantages to choosing open source for HPC
  • Tips for success, plus pitfalls to avoid
  • Choosing the right hardware and software, plus a supportive vendor

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