Jolla Phone releases in India exclusively on

The Jolla Smartphone running Sailfish OS was released today in India and is going to be exclusively available in India for INR 16499 on Jolla is a Finnish smartphone running its independent operating system, Sailfish OS. Based on Meego, an open source operating system formerly developed by Nokia among others, the Jolla smartphone offers a distinct user experience, unlike any of the competition. Other than its button-less design and gesture-based UI, Sailfish also lets you run Android apps on it.

The Jolla Smartphone:

The phone is 131mm tall and 9.9 mm thick. It also has a solid feature set, including a powerful dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB of mass memory (expandable with microSD), ample 4.5″ qHD display, 5 point multi-touch with Gorilla 2 Glass. 8 MP AF camera with LED Flash and a 2MP front facing camera. The phone also has a support for User-replaceable battery, and that’s impressive.  I personally, love this.

User Experience:

The Sailfish user interface has been designed with the most recent consumer needs in mind. With the most modern mobile UI Sailfish provides effortless multitasking. Users are able to multitask instantly between truly running applications. Even more, users will be able to interact with the running applications directly on the home view: ending a call, pausing a song – without needing to enter the application. This multitasking feature brings usability and speed-of-use to a totally new level, unseen in the mobile industry.

Sailfish OS works with your natural movements to give you the best in-hand phone experience. Via swipes and shortcuts using just one hand, you can easily interact with all your running apps and services at the same time. And you do not have to look far for the ‘home’ button, as it’s always under your thumb.

An integral part of Jolla’s Sailfish OS is the integration Android compatible application runtime that Jolla has developed in co-operation with Myriad AG, a leading provider of software and services to the mobile and TV industry.

The Jolla smartphone supports Android applications as well as intuitive Sailfish OS apps, which makes Jolla an easy choice for smartphone consumers.

The UI also features many new innovations, such as the Pulley Menu enabling fast and effortless interaction, at-a-glance peeks at status information, and effortless personalization of the device to match the user’s style and mood.  The start-up wizard guides you to select the applications a user actually wants. That way, you will also only get updates for what you actually use.

Recently, Jolla announced an agreement to license positioning services and map technology from HERE, a Nokia business, to be used in Sailfish OS. This will provide users with up-to-date map data and rich location information, such as restaurants and hotels, from over 190 countries around the world. Enabling fast and accurate retrieval of positioning information anywhere in the world, these services are essential for any mobile maps experience. A global map and location content offering also brings Jolla one step closer to achieving a fully equipped mobile operating system. The mapping asset is an integral part of Jolla’s complete user experience.

Sailfish OS integrates HERE’s mapping and positioning technology alongside thousands of Android applications provided by Yandex.Store, an appstore for Android. Currently featuring over 85,000 apps in 17 categories, Yandex.Store offers the best and most popular apps – from social networking and communication apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Viber and WeChat to games like Angry Birds. Yandex.Store will provide in-app purchase opportunities and is available on smartphones and tablets in 37 languages.

The Other Half:

The phone also gives you option to choose different back-panel covers; as Jolla calls it, The Other Half covers. It is manufactured from ultra-durable and scratch resistant polycarbonate, it’s more than just a fresh coat of paint. Each color option packs a unique ambience with custom sounds, wallpapers and more. Your Jolla automatically detects The Other Half and instantly adapts the look and feel of your phone with wireless NFC technology.

Developer Support:

Jolla strongly believes and understands that the community is the heart of the idea generation, technology development and distribution and is committed to supporting community involvement and participation within Sailfish.

The Sailfish OS and UI are highly adaptable and will support smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, automotive and other device classes. Sailfish is a real opportunity for developers to participate in and build solutions with existing open source projects such as Qt, Mer Core, and the Linux kernel. The new OS will be built through community involvement and participation. The Sailfish SDK consists of Mer Core’s tools, Qt Creator, Jolla UI components, Sailfish UI framework and Sailfish handset application interfaces. The SDK encourages Sailfish friends to extend the tools to support development for their company’s style. The SDK is available and developed at

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