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Google Pack – Get free software for Windows 7

Google Pack is the collection of Softwares selected by Google., which are free and ready to use in just a few clicks for Windows 7. The softwares which are bundled in this package are Chrome Browser, Google Apps, Picassa, Real Player, Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus, Skype, Google Earth, Adobe Reader and Google Desktop. Check this post to know more on the setup instructions.


Google Pack is the collection of Softwares selected by Google., which are free and ready to use in just a few clicks for Windows 7.

You also get an option to select and de-select the softwares, which you want to install. The pack contains softwares like,

  1. Google Chrome Web BrowserMake browsing the web faster, safer and easier, Search from the address bar itself
  2. Google AppsUse Google email, calendar and document applications; Create, collaborate, communicate and share with friends and family
  3. Picasa Find, edit and share your photos in seconds, Easily remove red eye and fix photos
  4. Spyware Doctor with Anti-VirusProtects your PC with advanced anti-virus detection and removal, Detects and removes spyware, adware, trojans and keyloggers
  5. Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
  6. Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
  7. RealPlayerPlay popular media formats, organise music and videos
  8. Google DesktopFind all your email, files, web history and more
  9. Adobe ReaderView, print and search PDF files via a redesigned interface
  10. Google EarthZoom from space to street level — tour the world
  11. SkypeMake free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype

 Download the Google Pack Softwares here!!!

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@Ninaada Thanks for the link. This is the coolest thing I have seen for installing s/w on windows. Recommending all friends to you it.

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