DNA Newspaper – “Online Medium has an Edge with Interactivity!!”

Last week, few fellow of us met up at Bangalore for a Tech bloggers chat. The topic of the discussion was on “How to improve the Newspapers to catch up with the online media?”

There were people who read close to 3-4 newspapers every day.  Ironically, I do not read a newspaper! I prefer consuming news by reading blogs or catch up stuffs on twitter. I thought it would be a little embarrassment for me to sit amidst of people who love Newspapers. Fortunately, I was not the only one among the group., Mukund was in my team!!


Jokes apart, this set the platform for the discussion on how different is social media and traditional media? What is the factor which pulls us towards online and not the traditional newspapers?  We also spoke about the expectations from a newspaper and what newspapers should do to catch up with the online medium. There were lots of questions discussed like,

  1. What sections of a newspaper do you start with, and what is your favorite section in a newspaper?
  2. What do you think of the way science and technology is covered by newspapers?
  3. How different is social media and traditional media when it comes to covering science and technology?
  4. Do you think technology reporting in newspapers is more exclamatory than explanatory?
  5. Is more emphasis given to lifestyle technology than hardcore technology? Are newspapers making technology coverage interesting enough?
  6. From an IT professional’s perspective, what are the real issues a newspaper should be concentrating on?

You can read the complete article in Today’s DNA newspaper (Page no 12) – Click Here

Folks, who cannot see this epaper, please read the Article Here (pdf version of the page)

This discussion Featured Mukund Menon, Tinu Cherian, Vikas, Thejas, Arun Vijayan, Sunil Abraham, NT Balanarayan and Me.

As DNA completes a year today, This edition also features the “Top 50 Influentials in Bangalore”. Dont Miss it!!

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