Webinar: Best Practices for Windows 7 Application Compatibility

Are your business-critical applications compatible with Windows® 7?

Join Microsoft’s “App Compat Guy” Chris Jackson for expert tips on how IT can avoid costly Windows 7 migration delays.

Webinar: Best Practices for Windows 7 Application Compatibility
Date: Thursday, December 17
Time: 12pm EST (9am PST, 5pm GMT)

For many IT teams, migrating to Windows 7 is the most important project of 2010. But to minimize risk and ensure a smoother move to Windows 7, you need strategies for resolving application compatibility issues, especially with your business-critical apps.

This webinar will provide IT with best practices for resolving Windows 7 application compatibility issues. Join AdminStudio® application packaging experts and Microsoft’s “App Compat Guy” Chris Jackson to learn about their experiences with early Windows 7 adopters.

Find out about:

  1. The most common application compatibility issues and their causes
  2. Best practices for avoiding Windows 7 application compatibility issues
  3. Essential elements to a successful Windows 7 migration plan

You can register for this Webinar here!!!

Also learn how AdminStudio enables users to accelerate Windows 7 and application virtualization migrations with a single application readiness toolset, minimizing risk, time, and cost of migrations.

Plus get answers to your Windows 7 application compatibility questions during the live QA!!

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