SysInternals tools – December Update

This blog post briefs up the updates which are made to the following SysInternals Tools.

VMMap v2.5: This update to VMMap, a process memory analysis utility, now identifies thread environment blocks (TEBs), the process environment block (PEB), and reserved memory.

Disk2vhd v1.4: Now includes an option for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that directs it to fix up the kernel and HAL to make the VHDs generated for these systems bootable in Virtual PC. It also skips sectors with CRC errors to enable the conversion of systems with failing disks.

Sigcheck v1.63: Instead of reporting ‘unsigned image’ for all signature check failures, Sigcheck now reports specific errors, such as the root not being trusted and the signing chain not being valid.


Autoruns v9.57: Now reports more group policy script entries.

PsExec v1.97: This update to PsExec fixes the interactive (-i) switch for Windows XP and a bug in the copy-to-remote (-c) switch that would sometimes prevent the copy from succeeding.

PsKill v1.13:  Fixes a bug in the process tree termination logic.

You can also use these tools using Internet, Check here –

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  1. Thanks for the update.
    The latest PsExec (1.97) did help me to resolve “invoking an application residing on a remote Win2k3 machine”, which was not working with PsExec v1.95.

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