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Mi Wifi Router 3C Review: Smarter and Faster with better Control

Mi has officially announced their Mi 3C WiFi router in India, today. If you’re looking for a router that’s simple, sleek, lightweight, good range, and with good control and flexibility, look no further, we found your perfect match. This Router is equipped with 4 outer antennas with 2.4 GHz single frequency, that makes it accessible from long distances, suited for larger homes. Also ensures a more stable connection with fast and optimised signal, with the highest rate of 300 MBps.

The Mi 3C router is designed for people who don’t really enjoy navigating through the admin console on the browser for setting up the router. Well, to be honest, it is not such a huge deal setting up a router, but who doesn’t love a simple app with a good interface especially when compared to a really outdated version of the same on the browser; The WiFi router can be set up with an app (Android or iOS). You’re good to go in a few steps; Just make sure you create an account with Mi. We can talk later about the app, but for now, here are some screen grabs to give you an idea of how this works.

The app reports both upload and download speeds coming into the router, making it easy to monitor the speed and usage more carefully. If you’re obsessive about testing your home WiFi speed at various points of the day, (really?) this can be done remotely too! So I ran some speed tests on the device to see how it fares on my WiFi, with the WiFi boost option etc. The WiFi boost option basically checks the WiFi quality, signal strength, Bandwidth allocation and network speed and makes decisions for optimisation. However, on my network, every time it said no optimisation was required.

I personally like how I can limit and set priorities for bandwidth usage of every connected device. If I’m streaming music and gaming at the same time, I would allocate more bandwidth for the gaming device compared to music streaming, and such. This is rather helpful if you are constantly maxing out on your connection. So, the next time your roommate’s friend is coming over and using up all your bandwidth, you know what to do!

You can also create guest networks for friends to use if you don’t want to share your password with them, and if you want to restrict access to shared files (if any). In case you’d like to share the password, the sharing options have also been made simple, like copying to a clipboard etc., and sharing over Messaging apps like ‘WeChat’. 

I agree, if you are more of an advanced user who likes playing around with the connection settings on the console, installing custom firmware or setting up various access points with the same network, you may not want to use the app but seriously, who would not like a no-nonsense setup and usage? The console on the browser can also be used if you’re concerned about the flexibility of options. In my observation, one of the primary drawbacks of this device is the presence of only three Ethernet ports. However, my connection speeds with the cable and over WiFi was pretty much the same. So unless you need connecting to multiple machines via LAN cables, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The Mi Wifi Router 3C priced at INR 1199, is a steal deal and definitely is a competition to the market leaders like D-link in this segment. To wrap up the review, for convenience, a great performance right out of the box. I would prefer this pocket-friendly, lightweight and consumer experience focussed router to the more expensive counterparts with the Guest Access/App Setup/Home control features.

As the first step to a whole wider range of other IoT/home automation devices and home connectivity, this is a really welcome beginning!