A new tale of Nokia – Hello HMD

Nokia has a history. A company charm had fade way, when it was at its peak. It’s hard to believe but the brand has made a come back. Yes, you heard it right. Nokia has bounced back into the industry with its innovative technology and sticking to its ground rules.

Although comebacks are very difficult & are rarely successful, beat it in any segment. If we talk about telecom & technology sector the trend of re-birth has been a failure for most of the brands. The expectation has torn apart the demand of the consumer.

Last year in May 2016, Nokia has joined hands with HMD Global – a Finnish company, for next 10 years and gave exclusive global license to create Smartphone’s and tablets under Nokia brand name. With this association between Nokia & HMD, Nokia aims to be among the top three players & India will be its key market.

The tie up between the two is solely on the basis of the advanced technology and licensing unit of Nokia Corporation, giving HMD sole use of the Nokia brand for mobile phones and tablets worldwide.

HMD has approached both the Microsoft and Nokia for the use of the Nokia brand and some design rights. HMD has a huge plan to bring back the Nokia brand. It has planned to spend odd 400 million euros to market the Nokia brand for the next three years.

HMD has also joined hands & developed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies, including FIH Mobile and Google, to strengthen its Nokia-branded product portfolio.

This time Nokia is returning with the Android devices, moreover, prior to this Nokia was associated with Microsoft & business strategy was sync with the Microsoft phablet segment.

This year in January Nokia has released first Android Smartphone that is Nokia 6 in China & did a comeback in industry with it at a price of $245. The handset bundles up with 64 GB storage, 4GB of RAM, a 16MP and an 8MP back & front camera respectively. This device got a great response from the consumer got sold within a minute. Nokia also witness great success when it was associated with Microsoft & produced Lumia 500 and Lumia 735. Slowly, gradually the windows phones started fading off.

Nokia has also launched Nokia 3, Nokia 5 & a revamp version of its iconic device Nokia 3310 at Mobile World Congress ( MWC). There rumours says Nokia is coming up with dozen of handset this year.

Coming back of Nokia, can be a major threat to the brands like Huawei, Xiaomi & other budget Smartphone brands.

Talking about the presence, Nokia will have presence in 250 cities and towns in India itself. Nokia along with HMD is going to offer innovative technology to its consumers. It will has it is presence in both online & offline market. Nokia claims that its strength lies in offline market, to reach to wider market they will foray into online market as well with different products. The price range will differ when it comes to offline & online market.

According to Gartner, the Mobile handset shipment has reached 265 million in 2016. More than 50 percent of market is captured by feature phones. Feature phones business has huge scope in India in comparison to the Smartphone market as per the Nokia. Nokia wish to capture a significant amount of market with the help of HMD Global, according to a source.

We cannot ignore the fact that devices are not from the house of Nokia any more, it will be HMD Global would be producing the devices. We can assure, current version of Nokia is not an old Nokia, they are all renewed brand & they have long way to go this time. Nokia to follow its core values of reliability, consistency, simplicity, human touch, trust in a better & more modernised way to suit the needs of the new consumers.

Union of Nokia & HMD Global for mobile handset & tablets is reaching to Thailand market as well very soon. The company has set up an office in Bangkok and appointed business partners, including distributors.

HMD has a very focus plans towards bring the technology & Nokia brand. And Thailand is one of the target countries out of five Southeast Asian markets on which HMD has focused, said Rutherfoord, who is a former Nokia executive. HMD chief executive officer Arto Nummela said his company had set an ambitious goal of becoming one of the top global players in the smartphone market in the next few years, according to an online source. Nokia is coming to the next chapter or a next phase of life.

Nokia has always believed in taking challenges with its quirky products & innovative design. The brand always worked on the quality & they were fun, adventurous and never dull. We are sure, they are going to create magic and touch more lives, of-course courtesy HMD.