Do’s and Dont’s of a Good Presenter – Public Conferences

This is an Xcellent article i came across on Twitter today. This was one of the update from Atul’s Twitter notes.

atul_chitnisIn this article Atul Chitnis, writes on the “Speaker’s Guide” for conference. The very moment I went through it, It striked my mind to share this on my blog as well. 

All the points are so true and one has to really follow these guidelines to succeed. One has to really value the experience which Atul has seen. I’m sure that, these guidelines does fit not only for FOSS.IN but for every speaker, who dares to deliver!!

Trust me, you will never get to see such great tips in one single page !!!

In this article, Atul speaks on areas like,

  1. How to approach your audiences
  2. SlideShows and Slide Specifications
  3. Taking Questions
  4. Importance of Handling Stage Fright
  5. Critisizing and Handling Criticism
  6. Understanding the reactions of your Audience
  7. How much should you go in detail

You can read the complete article at the Speaker Guidelines – Here!!!

I really like this excerpt from this article –

A Speaker who supports an argument with “Windows sux” is history. Make statements you *can* support with facts. If you say “Linux is 10 times faster than Windows”, be prepared to *prove* it with references to actual tests.

Also remember that a large proportion of your audience is likely to be users of Windows and *possibly* Linux and other open source technologies. You don’t insult your audience – remember, they have come to learn, not to be abused!

I would also like to quote our very own bdotnet pal Vinod here, who once said me during the Community Teched that.. “Remember., Your audience are investing their one hour on you..!!, you gotta’ deliver!! “

Folks who aren’t aware of Atul – (I know that the chances are really lesss..!!) – Click Here to know him !!






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