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There are considerable facilities supplied in the box with Novell and SUSE products that many people simply do not know about! The Novell Hidden Gems Tour is a must-attend for those who want to get full value from their investment in Novell and SUSE products. With this tour the Novell team aim to help users get more from the products they already have or wish to acquire.

Event Dates

Hong Kong – November 27th
Kuala Lumpur – December 1st
Singapore – December 4th
Bangalore – December 8th
Mumbai – December 15th

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The technical topics to be covered focus on SLES/OES2 as today’s operating system platform of choice. Particular solutions to be discussed include but are not limited:

  1. protecting a Linux system from external repetitive attacks
  2. distributing patches and updates for SLES and SLED on a local basis without the need for users to refer to the Novell Customer Center
  3. backing up OES2/Linux (POSIX and NSS volumes, with iFolder and GW) at no additional cost
  4. showing the value of connecting a section of the NSS Filesystem into either NSS or POSIX whlist retaining full access rights
  5. quickfinder, a powerful identity aware search engine, in the box
  6. choosing Linux file systems and partitioning for servers
  7. methods of using eDir for almost all authentication pathways, from telnet through web serving
  8. the features of Novell’s Domain Services for Windows (DSFW) and how it operates within a server
  9. the tools and and useful tips on the migration of NetWare servers to OES2/Linux
  10. three sponsors have brief 30 minute technical presentations on their products, which will be conducted via interactive webcasts during the day

The tour will be managed by MindWorks Inc Ltd . The events will run from 9am to 4.30pm and the main speaker will be Professor Joe Doupnik who is currently based at the University of Oxford in the UK.


Attendance is free of charge, but the Novell team does ask you to please register so that they know who is going to attend from a catering and follow-up point of view.

For any questions concerning booking or the event in general please email Peter Atkins

Courtesy: Novell, Making IT Work As One Communications

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