Windows Keyboard Shortcut Combinations in Windows 7

Try out these below keyboard combinations in Windows 7 and make your computer hear you more smartly. These shortcuts comes in handy if you are a poweruser or if you do a lot of coding and expect your work to be done with just few clicks or key strokes.. Windows Key <plus>


<plus> Left: Docks current window to the left side of the screen.
<plus> Right: Docks current window to the right side of the screen.
<plus> Up: Maximizes and/or restores foreground window.
<plus> Down: Minimizes active window.
<plus> + (plus key) : Zoom in, where appropriate
<plus> – (minus key) : Zoom out, where appropriate
<plus> G : Display gadgets in front of other windows
<plus> Home : Minimize/ restore everything except the current window
<plus> R : Open the Run window
<plus> 1 : Create a new instance of the first icon in the task bar.
<plus> F : Launch the Search box
<plus> D : Minimize all windows and show the desktop
<plus> M : Minimize the current window
<plus> SHIFT <plus> Left (or Right) : Will shift a window from monitor to monitor
<plus> E : Launch Explorer with Computer as the focus
<plus> L : Lock the desktop
<plus> T : Cycle through task bar opening Aero Peek for each running item
<plus> Space : Aero Peek the desktop
<plus>Ctr<plus>Tab : Open persistent task selection window, roll mouse over each icon to preview item and minimize others
<plus> P : Gives you an easy options to set the projector/Duplicate Monitor settings


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  1. Thanks for your comments Guys. I have corrected the duplicate entries in the article. It happened because of the formatting and wrong copy/paste 🙂 he he..!!

    Well, for some key combinations which involves graphics, please check if your graphics drivers and Aero is working fine.

  2. Win+number (1-9): Starts the application pinned to the taskbar in that position, or switches to that program.
    Win+T: Focus and scroll through items on the taskbar.
    Win+B: Focuses the System Tray icons
    Win+P: Adjust presentation settings for your display.
    Win+(+/-): Zoom in/out.
    Win+G: Cycle between the Windows Gadgets on your screen.
    Win+L: Lock your workstation
    Win+D: Display the desktop
    Win+Spacebar: Preview desktop
    Win+M: Minimize all windows
    Win+Shift+M: Maximize all windows
    Win+E: Open Computer
    Win+F: Search
    Win+R: Run dialog
    Win+Home: Minimize all but active window
    Win+G: cycle through gadgets
    Win+X = Windows Mobility Center
    Win+Tab = Vista-like Alt-tab functionality
    Win+Left/Right arrows: Dock the window to each side of the monitor
    Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window
    Win+Down arrow: Minimize the window/Restore the window if it’s maximized
    Win+Right Arrow: Move window to right side
    Win+Left Arrow: Move window to left side
    Win+Space: All windows are made transparent so you can see the desktop
    Win+Home: Minimize all windows but the current window
    Shift+Win+number (1-9): Starts a new instance of the application pinned to the taskbar in that position.
    Ctrl+Win+number (1-9): Cycles through open windows for the application pinned to the taskbar in that position.
    Alt+Win+number (1-9): Opens the Jump List for the application pinned to the taskbar.

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