Meet Xploree, an intelligent NLP Powered Keyboard for Android

Xploree is industry’s first mobile discovery keyboard that connects users to the most relevant product content and services.  This keyboard predicts user intent as they type, text or chat based on their current and past context, to serve the most relevant recommendations. It draws advanced algorithms of syntax and semantics with language modelling and sentimental analysis to build an intent prediction algorithm.

The smartphone has evolved from being a simple input interface to a smart personalised assistant to users. Meet Xploree, an Android keyboard that does beyond autocorrection and word predictions. Leveraging the power of  Natural Language Processing (NLP), this app studies textual interactions between the users and the mobile device to decipher an user’s intent.

This keyboard is capable of syncing with your contextual needs; thereby, bringing in smart suggestions. NLP drives the core intelligence on this app. The keyboard is centred around user initiated actions, thereby making simultaneous in-app browsing and conversing completely interruption-free.

The UI is pretty slim too. When I tried this keyboard few days ago, the clean look struck its first impression. The touch and swipe responsiveness are neat. The key pop is an interesting add as well. Xploree Keyboard App - Clean UI

Natural language processing is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. As such, NLP is related to the area of human–computer interaction. Many challenges in NLP involve: natural language understanding, enabling computers to derive meaning from human or natural language input; and others involve natural language generation. – Wikipedia

Xploree DiscoveriesFor instance, while chatting on Facebook Messenger with a friend about watching a movie, this app can intelligently give you the offers/promocode from Bookmyshow to book the ticket.

Consider this scenario, you are talking with your friend on IM (regardless of what app it is), and while you discuss about a restaurant booking, you get suggestions on various offers and cuisines which you can try around.

It isn’t just an aggregation based solution. It works on deep understanding of the conversation and match them with meaningful discoveries w.r.t product suggestions or offers. The discovery on the app does have some good catalogue to begin with. Of-course, it has to get better on time with more players coming in.

The Intent analysis algorithm takes into account various factors like the current language, text, phrase predictions, applications in use and user’s favourites to detect the users intent and create relevant stacks. This means, if you are having a negative sentiment towards a product or a supplier, that suggestion/content is not recommended to the user even though it matches. This is slick.

Most importantly in all this process, your end user experience isn’t affected at all. The behaviour is seamless without the hassle of switching the apps.

Short key suggestion is another neat feature which I like about this keyboard. you can set Simple anagrams for most used phrases. For eg: omw for ‘on my way’, wru for ‘where are you’. It doesn’t need to be short phrases, but also works with long text like addresses.

“There is so much of work happening on Semantic Analysis and NLP these days. User-Experience is driving this whole deal; and I’m glad, a company from India is leading this effort on the mobile platform”

This keyboard currently supports over 130+ languages and has an user-based of over 2.5 million. The keyboard offers faster multi-lingual chat with improved language predictions. Typing with Hinglish, Tamlish is also simple. oh btw, the keyboard supports Stickers as well. Download the App here.

With over 100 employees, KeyPoint technologies is seriously making every effort to lead in the AI and NLP space, and offer great discovery experiences to consumers on mobile devices.