ChatBots: An artifical Human Being


We are in an era which is ruling by technology revolution. With each passage of time, we see new services or a term is coined. The word has been derived from Robots & we generally address it as bots. Bots is a software that automates the work you usually do.These days the most common bot is a Chatbot.

As the name says, Chatbots is very much related to chats. But what actually holds in Chatbots is the main question that arises. Recent study, suggest people are spending more time using various chat apps than social media.

Today, we discuss about Chatbots and its utility. In recent times, Chatbots are the big opportunity for any brand, from a traditionally established brand to a startups. To initiate the same, Chatbot is a synchronisation of both AI (Artificial Intelligence) & chat interface. It is a set of rules as well.

The Chatbots service could vary from functional to fun, and it could live in any major chat product like Telegram, Facebook, Text Messages & more. In general, we see 2 types of Chatbots:

  • A chatbot which is works on rules & regulations- This set of Chatbots works on limited functionality as they are based on rules. This is programmed with specific sets of rules & it smart enough till rules apply to them.
  • Another which uses machine language called Artificial Intelligence- This kind of bots keep getting smarter, the more you interact with it.

The number of apps have grown tremendously over a decade. Although, Chatbots are still in its nascent stage & are replacing individual apps. “Bots are the new app,” declared Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at a conference in San Francisco in March.

Rather than closing Facebook Messenger and opening Uber, you can simply message Uber and ask for a ride. Bots coming in, we see bots will have an edge of any app. Let see what makes Bots better than an app.

  1. Apps need download options, but Bots don’t – Individual apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Snapchat all of them required download via website or a Playstore. When it comes to Bots, you need not any permission to download. They can be use immediately without any hassle.
  2. Bots are Viral – Bots are in built in apps itself, and sharing bots become easy with each passage of time. Hence, they become viral too early.
  3. Easy to Build – Application development involves huge cost & time. When it comes to Bots, they are easy to build & cost friendly.
  4. Long Tail Wings – It is not possible to download long tail apps but when using bots once can use long tail bots easily.
  5. Server- Affable – Bots upgrades in operations & functionality within fraction of seconds, as they have a presence in the app itself. Therefore, they are server friendly bots.
  6. Push- Pull – At any given point of time, Bots can push messages to their users, even after a long gap of inactivity.
  7. Present anywhere & everywhere – Bots are omnipresent & they can be present on mobile, website, cars etc..One can say a world of Bots.

It would be interesting to see how bots will over power the apps and how users interact with it. Things are going to be quite amazing!