Say Hello with Google’s Allo – Messaging Platform

In an era of technology, we do have multiple ways to communicate. With the rising users of smartphones ,we have rising numbers of messaging apps across the platforms. WhatsApp; Hangout; Facebook Messenger; Snapchat are some key apps to mention.

Recently, the search giant Google has introduced Allo, a messaging app specially for mobile users, which also acts like a personal assistant.  Google Allo helps you say more and do more right within your chats including making plans, finding information, and expressing yourself more easily. Packed with innovative features including smart reply, options for sharing photos, emojis and stickers.

Officially, Google announced the app in May in a mega event of Google I/O. With this announcement Google venture into the domain of Artificial Intelligence. Google also plans to introduce Allo to desktop in near future. Google introduced Allo, soon after the launch of Duo a video calling app which is available for both the platforms Android & iOS.

For Indian users, Google has enabled smart replies in Hinglish. Further, rolling out at launch are over 200 stickers created by popular independent artists that are relevant to and will appeal to Indian users.

Allo India Hinglish Inputs

Allo user interface is very similar to other Google apps and maintains the clean UI philosphy.  Allo syncs with your phonebook & you can chat with anyone from your phonebook. Phonebook sync is the key where Google has kept a difference between Hangout & Allo.

Allo a smart messaging app, works on the suggestive response.
The presence of inbuilt chatbot in Allo makes it easy as virtual assistant provides responsive answers to the users. Here, chatbot is trying to be artificially intelligent.

The virtual assistant helps in giving specific information, setting reminders, timers and serving up the news as well. Not only this, the virtual assistant has a conversation with you – shares a joke, chat about any & everything. Google Allo gives fun features to the users, stickers, group chatting; the message expire option as well.

Allo provides you with the feature called Whisper or shout. This will let you slide up or down on the send button to change the size of your reply, meaning you do no need to write in caps all the time when you’re angry. Simple subtle UX features to make people use the platform to have conversations.

The best feature of Allo is using of Google inside where one needs to, mention Google by typing “@Google” and words to search for — like things to do or places to eat. Google Assistant also has access to Google’s Knowledge Graph, so it can help you with all sorts of situations. Imagine this scene, you are talking to your friend on Allo and making plans for lunch. You loop in @google and ask for suggestions for places around you. Everything in one single window.


Messages in Allo are encrypted by Google servers, only sender & recipient can see the messages. All chats in Google Allo are encrypted using industry standard technologies like Transport Layer Security (TLS). Anyone who tries to interrupt will see the jumbled characters. Google Allo also supports incognito chat; the app hides the name of the sender when the notification pops up. Also, there’s also a way to erase chat history by setting the expiration anywhere from five seconds to one week. Here each user can reset the expiration time for any of the messages, as well thus keeping your messages private.

Unfortunately, some of the questions ends up being a Google Search result or basically asks you to search on Web. Makes one wonder, why should you ask Allo in the first place. I believe, integration is going to be the key. Like we saw yesterday, Allo is built as an Personal Assistant right inside the OS for Pixel, so that the users can use it on the go. It would take time to get better.