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Advantages and Benefits of moving to Windows 7

Simple is one word which can be associated with Windows 7. It’s easy to connect, easy to browse and simple to use. It is designed to make your PC faster, more secure and more reliable. It’s great for home, great for work and all places in between. With Windows 7, you’ll discover easy and exciting new ways to have fun and get things done with your PC. Few top end-user features are listed in this article.


Simple is one word which can be associated with Windows 7. It’s easy to connect, easy to browse and simple to use. It is designed to make your PC faster, more secure and more reliable. It’s great for home, great for work and all places in between. With Windows 7, you’ll discover easy and exciting new ways to have fun and get things done with your PC. Few top end-user features are listed below.,

Enhanced Windows Taskbar

The new taskbar in Windows 7 puts you in control, and helps you get to the programs and files you need more quickly. Each open window appears as a graphic thumbnail that expands to a full-screen preview when you hover over it with your mouse.

Icons are bigger, too, making it easier to select them with a mouse or with the new touch features in Windows 7.

You can place each program exactly where you want it on the taskbar and pin frequently used applications or files for quick access.

Jump Lists

jumplistJump Lists- there’s one for each program on your Start menu and Windows Taskbar which makes it easier to find what you want.

They’re automatically populated based on how often and recently you do things, so you’ll spend less time looking for your favorite song or that file you worked on yesterday. Just right click on the application taskbar and you have the jump list !!

Easy Access: Snap, Shake, Peek

Commonly used resources are available within easy access and without desktop clutter. It’s easy and intuitive to navigate, arrange and work with multiple windows on the desktop.

With Peek, hover your mouse over the far-right side of the Windows Taskbar and all of your open windows become transparent, so you can easily see your desktop. With Snap, drag open windows to the boarder of the screen to automatically re-size it, and snap two different windows to the left and right boarders for a perfect comparison. With Shake, click a window pane and shake your mouse to minimize all other open windows, and shake again to restore the windows to their original sizes.

Home Group

homegroupHomeGroup in Windows 7 makes sharing files across the PCs and devices in your home as easy as if all your data were on a single hard drive.

Through HomeGroup, PCs running Windows 7 can automatically identify and connect with each other. Once a HomeGroup is established, sharing devices and media throughout your home is easy. For example, the printer in your den is shared automatically with all the PCs in your home, and digital photos stored on a computer in your den can be easily accessed from a laptop anywhere in your home. You can access the Homegroup by accessing the Control Panel-> Network and Internet !!

Faster on, Faster Off

win7Windows 7 focuses on underlying performance, faster start-up, resume and shut down time and enhanced power management. Windows 7 has a triggered service model, with which only essential services start on boot., which ensures faster boot and faster shutdown.  Read here for more info 

Windows Live Essentials

liveesseCommunication and sharing services are fundamental to your Windows experience. In Windows 7, certain functionality that was included in previous versions of Windows will be offered through a suite of free, downloadable applications called Windows Live Essentials, found at

Access your data offline and do more with your photos, videos and other content you want to share.  These applications will be regularly updated to provide innovative functionality and integration with popular Web-based services. You get a lot of softwares to use from the live essentials !! 

Internet Explorer 8

internet-explorer-8Browsing the Web is the single most popular activity on the PC. Internet Explorer 8 addresses changing user needs through significant enhancements in these main areas:

Faster and Easier. Internet Explorer 8 starts up faster, creates new tabs in a snap, and loads and runs Web sites more quickly.

More Secure and Reliable. Internet Explorer 8 delivers improved protection against malicious Web sites and software. It helps protect your privacy by providing increased choice and control over how Web sites can track your actions.

Windows Touch

Touch is build into the fabric of Windows 7 and available on specific touch-enabled PCs. With a touch PC, you can zoom in on an image by moving two fingers closer together or zoom out by moving your fingers apart. The Start menu, Windows Taskbar, and Windows Explorer are touch-friendly, with larger icons that are easier to select with your finger. Browsing the Web with Internet Explorer 8 is easier too—just use your finger to scroll down a Web page or browse your favorite links!

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The details provided about Win7 are short & clear. I have not used Win7 yet and hence on reading I like the features of Enhanced Task bar (replacing the earlier versions icon & name with only icon to save space) and Peek, Snap, Shake.
I want to suggest you it would be better if you have explained by keeping in mind that the reader have not used Win7 yet. For example Peek, Snap, Shake is a replacement for the earlier versions Alt+Tab for selecting opnened windows. These options (Peek, Snap, Shake) are available on right clicking in the far right end of Taskbar. This will help to easily understand/imagine Peek, Snap, Shake for the reader who has not worked in Win7.
Expecting many more posts on the new features of Win7!

Sure buddy. Noted!!

Few of the features which are listed here involve videos and cant be achieved by mere snapshots. Will try to do something goood the next article.

Thanks for your comments. I guess, someone has given you a wrong piece of information. Windows 7 indeed has something called a “Restart Manager” which handles effective reboot of even applications, which prompt for reboot.
In such a scenario, the reboots are really less and only upon need.

Im sorry but im not really convinced on why i should move to win 7 from win Xp.
You mention that win 7 is simple, easy to connect and browse.. well so is xp! And now for the features.

The Enhanced Taskbar, well it seemes nice but its not really that helpful. i think the win xp taskbar works great. Why do i need a mini preview when i hover the apps in the taskbar? it looks cool but i will not really use it.

Jump lists may be usful but often all apps have already been enhaced with smart lists and globalhotkeys etc so these Jump lists arent really nessary.

Easy Access: Snap, Shake, Peek.. well win xp has a great hotkey: win+d that works great! try it 🙂 also for snapping we have lots of great mini apps that can set your windows to exact x and y position and defined width and hight… i dont think win 7 can do that.

Home Group. we have all sorts of other stuff like these. Most of us just trow up a FTP server that works great over all operating systems and over the net.

Faster on, Faster Off… xp is fast. i dont really need to boot or quit faster.

Internet Explorer 8?? Why not listen to the public and include Firefox? 🙂

No this article not convince me.. you gotta try harder 🙂

So many cool features included in Windows 7 comapred to XP. Techy buddies/ Developers definetly love to use windows 7. I doubt normal end user may take some time show interest on all new features

I would agreee with you Swamp. Most of these features which are listed here “just” looks like UI jinks. This article was primariy intented for layman and not for powerusers like us. However, there is an honest effort from Microsoft to move it from a UI to UX phase shift. Lot of stuffs are much easier. Best example would be to compare 2 slide-decks and piling it side by side.

Answering your point, Technically Windows 7 has undergone phenomenal change in Kernel and the Application Architecture when you compare with Windows Xp. The way the process handlers are refined, Session isolation implementation, UAC, WRP, Triggered Services enhancements make your machine more secure and stable. It is more responsive, and most important, it uses the resources optimally.. which is btw expected in any OS., and Win 7 just delivers that honestly. There is lots of ups and downs which this Core Engineering team have undergone to get this product. If Windows 7 was your destination, Vista was a journey !!

Personally speaking, I am no big a fan of IE. I love Safari., But I could see a lot of difference in the phishing filters which IE possess. For eg: the phishing website of icicibank was detected on a IE 8 browser and failed in all others.

Saying this, I would also mention.. the upgrade path from Windows Xp to windows 7 (or any other modern OS) is not gonna’be easy. AppCompat is one huge stop point. However, we gotta’ check some options which are available and work towards moving there.., as the final death Knell for XP is on the roadmap.


A little fact with the Xpiry date of XP –
“Microsoft formally discontinued Windows XP on June 30, 2008, and it ended mainstream support on April 14, 2009. But the company has continued to permit PC builders to offer downgrade discs that let XP fans install the OS over Vista. It says that manufacturers can ship Windows 7 machines with XP downgrades for 18 months after Win 7's release or until it ships the first Service Pack for the new OS–whichever comes first. In other words, XP downgrades may be available until April 22, 2011 (assuming that Microsoft doesn't extend the deadline further; it has already granted XP so many stays of execution that refusing to grant any more would be a bit surprising.)

Windows XP's final death knell is scheduled to sound on April 8, 2014. On that date, Microsoft says that it will no longer take support calls and issue security fixes. This doesn't mean that no one will run XP on April 9 and beyond–it just means that they'll be on their own. XP holdouts, you've been warned. ” – Source :

Easy Access: Snap, Shake, Peek.. well win xp has a great hotkey: win+d that works great! try it 🙂

Sorry but this is not the same as what 'Snap, Shake and Peek' feature refers to! 🙂

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