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Java to .NET Interoperability – Register for an Exclusive Webcast Series


This 3-part webcast series will explain, how can you use the Java development knowledge to build .NET based applications that interoperate with Java-based Applications.


Day 1: .NET Framework – Overview for java Developers

In this session, Bijoy will talk about the architecture of the .Net framework, its components, the similarities and differences between the .Net and J2EE. You can also learn to create your first application in .NET using C# – compile it, run it and dissect it understand the various components and how they interact.

Day 2: Introduction to C# for Java Developers

In this session, you will know how to leverage your knowledge of Java concepts to learn one of the fastest growing modern programming language – C#. While you will understand how you can use your existing knowledge to work with variables, Operators and Expressions, Managing Errors and Exceptions, Object Lifetime, Inheritance etc. we will also show you some of the advanced concepts and power of C# e.g. LINQ, type inference etc.

Day 3: Leveraging your knowledge in real time scenarios

In this session, you will know how you can use your knowledge of both the platforms to enable real scenarios. How you can achieve interoperability in various ways and create feature rich and compelling applications for your clients.

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Speaker – Bijoy Singhal, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft



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