Webinar on Application Virtualization: What Developers Should Know??

Virtual applications never get installed on the client. Instead they run in their own isolated virtual containers, eliminating compatibility issues and uninstallation problems. It’s an evolving approach to application deployment, but is it the future of software installations? 

Decide for yourself in this webinar. From the installation experts that develop InstallShield®, this webinar gives software developers an introduction to creating virtual application packages.

Find out:

  1. The benefits of deploying virtual packages vs. MSI
  2. Best practices and limitations for developing virtual packages
  3. How the companies using your software are leveraging application virtualization
  4. How to simultaneously build an MSI setup and Microsoft® App-V™ virtual package with InstallShield
  5. How to leverage application virtualization within the development process

Plus, have your questions about building virtual application packages answered during the live Q&A!


Webinar Details
Thursday November 5, 2009
9am CT / 10am ET  (3pm London) OR 11am PT / 2pm ET

To Register for the webinar:  Click Here


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