What makes MOBA games so popular?

Why are MOBAs so appealing to people that one of the biggest esports tournaments of the world with the biggest prize pool is from a game of this genre?

The answer is sort of simple yet also a bit complicated at the same time. To understand the popularity of MOBAs, we might need to dig a bit deeper into the history of MOBAs. We all know the first famous MOBA that the gaming community fell absolutely in love with was the modded map DOTA(Defense of the Ancients) for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

The Concept

Everyone and their grandma was playing DOTA when it first started getting popular. Why was this one modded map so popular? To put it simply, the concept was absolute genius. A 5v5 match where you take control of a hero with spells and abilities that allow you to advance to the enemy base where you have to destroy their ancients while simultaneously defending yours.

The game allowed a wide variety of playstyle due to the large number of heroes available to choose from. With the map remaining the same, the way you play with your heroes, and the way a team is built, every match has something new to offer.

Easy on the Budget

Although MOBA games have significantly improved on graphics since the first DOTA era, the game still allows players to play it on low-tier machines with lesser graphics and character animations. 

MOBAs are designed so that a player from any background can have easy access to the game and compete with the rest of the world. 


Since MOBA games are based on 5v5 gameplay, the games are a lot more fun to play and watch. If a team is composed of carefully chosen heroes that complement and support their fellow teammates, the genre is one of the best to watch. 


One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of MOBAs is the fact that they are Free-to-Play. Although the concept of Free-to-Play games was introduced a lot before the MOBA genre reached its peak, it can be said that DOTA 2 was the first one to popularize the phrase, and it also can be said that they did it right.

MOBAs only ask for money in the case of cosmetic upgrades, which have absolutely nothing to do with enhancing your gameplay, and in cases of selling battle passes to create the prize pools for their worldwide tournaments.

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