How to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home is the newest phrase of the moment, considering the amount of people who were sent home from their offices and told to log in remotely to their work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, working from home brings with it a whole series of different challenges compared to working in the office. To make sure that you are equipped with these challenges—whether you work as a freelancer, are starting your own business, or have been employed remotely—read this guide to learn all about how to make your work from home a success. 

Stick to Office Hours 

To make sure that you are not working more than you should, like so many people have done as the lines between work and play have been blurred over the past year, you should make sure that you are sticking carefully to fixed working hours. By doing this you can be sure to mitigate against the very real affects of burnout, which could actually cause you serious mental and physical harm, as well as affect your chances of you effectively completing your work. 


Get a Great Laptop

Although you will be working virtually, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need an actual physical piece of hardware in order to get started. That’s why it’s essential that you either buy yourself a great laptop or ask your workplace if they would be so kind as to provide a laptop for you. If you opt for the former choice, you should definitely take a look around in order to find the best deals on laptops possible. 

Take a Fake Commute 

There are a lot of aspects that people don’t like about the commute: the huge mass of people, the long times waiting in traffic, and the fact that you don’t get any time to yourself in the morning before work. Working from home eliminates all that and can also boost your mental health in the process. The downside of the commute being over is that you don’t have an automatic reason to get out of the house. In order to boost your health and connect yourself with the natural world around you, it is recommended that you take a walk both in the morning and after your work is done. 

Use Videoconferencing Software 

Even though you might have to work away from the office, it is likely that people will still want you to check in for a chat. The best way to do this is to schedule meetings via teleconferencing software, the likes of which skyrocketed in popularity over the past year or so. Make sure that the company that provides this software has the right package, so you have unlimited time limits on meetings as well as the ability to talk to as many people as possible. Additionally, just because you’re on video doesn’t mean that you should look slovenly. Remember to shape up and look professional, just as if you are in the office itself. 

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