How to Choose the Right Tablet Stand for Your Business?

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first kind thinks of tablets as just an extension of smartphones and find these devices redundant. The second kind has realized the potential a tablet offers for brand building, marketing, and customer service. 

Here’s the thing – the use of a tablet isn’t just restricted to binge-watching Netflix and browsing the internet. When used correctly, it can be an excellent way to grow your business and deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

From digital signages to point of sale devices and self-service kiosks – there are various ways in which brick and mortar businesses are utilizing tablets. You can use tablets to display menus and product catalogs, as well as take orders from customers.

This, in turn, makes tablet stands a wise investment for every business that intends to utilize tablets. The good news is that you’ll find a wide array of tablet stands in different sizes and price ranges. Apart from enhancing the overall customer experience, tablet stands also go a long way to protect the device from theft and damage.

However, considering the different types of tablet stands available in the market, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the options. Should you use a magnetic stand or a wall mount? What’s the right height for your tablet stand? What type of security enhancements should you look for in a tablet stand?

This is just a glimpse of the questions that’ll storm your mind when you start scouring for the tablet stands. In this blog, we’ve outlined a few tips to help you choose the right tablet stand for your business. We’ll also discuss the factors you should consider before making the final selection. Let’s get started.

1. List Your Requirements

First things first – you need to know why and how you’re going to use a tablet at your workplace/store. Are you going to solely use it for the purpose of displaying digital signage? Or do you want to create a more interactive shopping experience by letting customers browse your products and place orders?

Or do you intend to use a tablet to record employee attendance? Your answers to these questions will determine the type of tablet stand you should use. For instance, wall mounts are more suitable for branding and digital signage.

However, portable rolling stands are a great choice when you want your customers to be able to physically move around your showroom while placing their order. This is also a good time to consider whether the device is going to be freestanding or fixed. 

2. Set Your Budget

Here’s the thing – you’ll find a wide range of tablet stands to suit every budget. Make sure you carefully analyze your needs, survey a few online stores, and set a realistic budget for the type of tablet stand you need. Make sure you consider factors such as size, durability, and accessories before setting the budget.

3. Online vs. Offline: What’s the Right Choice?

This is also a good time to consider whether you’d like to purchase the stand from a brick and mortar store. While online stores offer great discounts, they strip you of the opportunity to physically check out a product before purchasing it.

You could get the best of both worlds by visiting an actual showroom to take the available options for a spin. Check out the prices they’re offering and ask for the possibility of a discount. Once you’ve zeroed in on the right tablet stand, compare the online and offline prices to make an informed decision.

4. Evaluate the Available Options

You need to assess, analyze, and compare different tablet stands to shortlist the top contenders and ultimately select a winner. Here are the parameters you should use for judicious evaluation:


As a ground-rule, you should choose a tablet stand that uses heavy-duty material for all its components. Check the base and find out whether it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the tablet. Also, check whether there’s any provision to insert screws at the base. This is crucial if you want to mount the stand on a countertop.


Choosing the right tablet stand size is the biggest dilemma you’re going to face. While you’ll find plenty of one-size-fits-all options, it’s a good idea to choose a stand that’s been designed for a specific tablet size and dimension. This is because the tailor-made ones are sturdier and have more secure enclosures.


Consider whether your staff/customers are going to sit or stand while using the tablet. Also, decide whether you’re going to mount the base on a table/counter or keep it freestanding on the ground. Based on these factors, choose a tablet stand that has the optimal height to let users comfortably operate the device.


Make sure you look for tablet stands with secure and lockable enclosures. Also, make sure the enclosure is tightly attached to the stand. This is also a good time to consider whether you want to use a single key or multiple keys to unlock different tablet stand enclosures.

5. Check Customer Reviews

Now that you’ve shortlisted your favorite tablet stands, it’s time to run a quick online search and find out what real-life users think. Check out popular e-commerce sites, as well as consumer review forums, to explore whether a particular stand lives up to its reputation.

How did you go about selecting the right tablet stand for your business? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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