Which is the Best Antivirus for Laptop?

Many computer users store sensitive information on their PCs and laptops. Also, lots of companies have information on their computers that must not be lost or compromised. Having a virus attack your computer may leave you frustrated. 

While there is the option to save your data on the Cloud, you still want the information on your system protected. There are myriads of antiviruses in the market. However, many of them only offer basic protection.

You may find an antivirus that offers excellent protection from viruses. The same antivirus may offer inferior protection for security threats such as ransomware and phishing. Some internet users may only need basic security for their devices.

Features of a Good Antivirus

Your choice of antivirus will be dictated by what you use your laptop for. If all you do with it is to browse the net at home, then a basic antivirus is enough. However, if you use it for sensitive things such as online banking, you need a stronger antivirus. 

The best antiviruses for laptops come with features such as the following:

  • Multiple internet security features
  • Real-time malware scanning: protecting your system from being damaged by malware in real-time
  • Network firewall: protects your laptop from unwanted internet traffic
  • Anti-phishing protection: prevents bogus websites from accessing private data
  • Wi-Fi network protection: makes sure that you are connected to safe public Wi-Fi networks
  • Performance enhancement: cleans up junk files and caches, hence, optimizing performance
  • Fast VPN: allows you to browse the internet anonymously
  • Advanced scanning engine: searches for malware such as viruses, ransomware, and other security threats

Here are some of the best antiviruses for laptops that you will find on the market.

1.    Norton 360

Do you know everything about Norton antivirus? It is an excellent antivirus that provides real-time scanning, hence, offering a 100% protection against malware. It comes with features such as the following:

  • A password manager
  • Cloud backup
  • Secure VPN
  • Parental controls

It protects your laptop and communication devices from phishing threats, identity theft, and digital surveillance. Also, it helps to optimize your device’s performance. 

2.    McAfee Total Protection

This is a top-quality scanning engine that provides extensive web protections as well as identity theft protection. It comes loaded with multiple security features and other add-ons. It helps to prevent malware attacks and is created to protect multiple devices. 

The antivirus contains features such as:

  • Real-time protection
  • Performance optimizer
  • Secure firewall
  • Password manager
  • Secure VPN

3.    BullGuard Premium Protection

If you have multiple devices to protect, the BullGuard Premium protection antivirus is an excellent option. Although it does not include a VPN, it contains exceptional parental control features. It is a great engine scanner that can protect up to 10 computers and mobile devices. 

This antivirus offers you the following additional features:

  • A superb malware scanner
  • A game booster for gamers
  • Identity theft protection

4.    TotalAV Internet Security

This one is relatively new on the market but is already giving the big names a run for their money. The antivirus scanner is powered by Avira and comes with a VPN created by Windscribe, a top-rated VPN provider. TotalAV brings on board the following features:

  • Cutting-edge malware detection
  • A great VPN
  • Excellent device optimization tools

5.    Avira Prime

Avira Prime is an effective scanning engine that provides an excellent VPN as well as privacy enhancement tools. It also comes with identity theft protections that help to keep your system safe. 

Are Free Antiviruses Suitable for a Laptop?

If all you need your laptop for is to browse on the net, read your mail and watch YouTube, a free antivirus is an excellent option. You only require basic protection. However, to protect more sensitive data such as credit card information and more, it is best to go premium. 

Some of the best free antiviruses offer a few privacy optimization tools and an excellent scanner. However, there are many security features that you may miss out on. These include features such as:

  • Firewall
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Wi-Fi scanning
  • Advanced malware protection

Free antivirus is great for basic protection. However, a premium package gives you the ultimate online protection. 


All laptops require at least some basic protection. It is especially important if your laptop runs on Windows. This is not to mean that MacBooks should run without an antivirus. Good antiviruses are packed with excellent malware scanners designed to keep your systems safe. 

Operating systems only offer basic antivirus protection. They do not offer advanced features such as real-time or ransomware protection, and more. A good antivirus keeps your systems protected from all types of malware, hence protecting your identity and keeping your data secure.

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