The Best Apps for Students in 2020


The life of a student is full of positive emotions and challenging moments. While campus staff may provide you with the support necessary for a comfortable life in the dorm, up-to-date mobile applications may be exceptionally useful for studying. Education is an essential aspect of professional growth, so the student should put maximum effort to achieve the desired goals.

Fortunately, with the development of modern technologies, your success does not depend on a person. Instead, you can take advantage of beneficial apps, which will help you manage your time, learn languages, get college homework help and stay productive.

Depending on your goal, you may prefer mindfulness, productivity, study, communication and other types of applications. Check out the most quality and reliable options from the list of the best 2020 mobile apps for students.

Language Learning

The category is appreciated mainly by international students, who strive to improve their language skills.

Duo Lingo

The free application will help you practice over 20 languages. It is the best choice for those, who strive to improve language skills and be able to communicate with people around the globe.


Offered in the form of a game, Memrise is another excellent language app. A plethora of simple and hard quizzes, object identification games and chat bots will make the learning process fun and involving.

LearnEnglish Grammar

Easy English for different levels is available with LearnEnglish Grammar. No matter if you need it for chatting with friends, or conducting business negotiations, the app will help you stay successful. With over 600 questions in every level, you will get a sense of English grammar. You will never order essay again, as you will have sufficient skills required for excellent papers.


Do you have many tasks to accomplish, but a lack of time? Using one of the best productivity apps you may stay successful and productive throughout the day.


A unique organization app may be used for creating to-do lists, storing notes and sharing webpages. The developers of the app took care of distracted students, implementing the function of automatic note saving.


Distraction is the key problem of students that can prevent them from success. StayFocused is the app that gives you a chance to block certain sites and apps that may interfere with your studying. Additionally, there are motivational texts offered within the application, which will help you stay focused on the result.


Following the reviews of the users, Trello is one of the most helpful and useful productivity applications. Students get an opportunity to visualize the tasks their tasks and keep track of their completion.


Sociability is one of the most crucial qualities of any student. Support of your fellow students may help you solve problems and deal with complicated homework.


If you are an extrovert, this app is the top choice for you. GoConqr provides social learners with an opportunity to connect with college mates, friends and other students from around the world. There is no need to pay to do homework anymore, as you may get the necessary assistance from your more experienced friends.


Instant private and group messages may help students keep in touch, especially when it comes to coordination of group projects and similar tasks. Students can also use the app to share files and educational materials.


There is no way you forget about this excellent communication app. Video chatting is the most significant feature of the application. It is available on different devices, so you can access it anytime and anywhere.


In the modern world of technology, it is impossible for students to avoid the use of quality study apps.

Google Drive

Excessive volumes of the information and study materials you save on the phone or computer may cause lagging problems. Google Drive is an excellent solution that can be used by both iOS and Android users. Store valuable data within the cloud-based platform and use a convenient search to quickly find the necessary one.


Writing essays is frequently one of the most complicated tasks for students. Grammarly offers a helping hand for those, who have hard times editing and proofreading their papers. 

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