5 Technological Highlights Making a Computer Geek From a Student


Anyone having an obsession with the computer, technology or pop culture elements can be referred to as a geek. If you are one of those people whose lifestyle revolves around one of these passions, then it is safe to consider that you might also fall into this category. The tech attitude which makes one stand out from the rest despite being socially awkward is what makes a techie nerd. Today, geek techies have greater acceptance and have been ruling the world, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc. Who knows you might be the big name of the tech world with all your extraordinary skills?

What do geeks like? They like all those things which any person likes except their utmost love for technology. One thing which can distinguish them from others is their genuine love for high-tech gadgets. If you are a student and realize your love for tech gadgets, then your future seems quite interesting, but it also shows that you are compromising with all writing essays which are assigned. Your loyalty and commitment towards computer stuff is drifting you away from the school work that is due but now you can manage all those things easily if you take help from online services. Just remember that Eduzaurus is always available online, and one can easily go through all their samples and examples and look out for the service which meets their nature of the assignment. In this way, you’ll be able to manage your work and passion simultaneously.

Technological Highlights

Know your Niche:

There is always a passion regarding a particular field, one needs to know the niche in which he/she wants to pursue and come as a successful person. For instance, people having love for computer technology have to figure out at the end of the day which OS (operating system) they are going to pursue. All those stereotypical computer geeks would be following the trend in computing and will opt for the one which attracts them the most.

Being a fan of a specific field and investing so much of time into it, one needs to make sure that you are going to stick to it for a long time and that domain is worth investing in. 

Work Around Artificial Intelligence:

AI is the buzzword that can be heard all over, but it is worth all the hype. This is the right time to invest in this field as it will keep on evolving every single day. Finally, this powerful technology is strong enough to create real AI tools. All organizations are dependent on it in one way or the other. The future of technology lies within algorithms, big data and sophisticated AI tools. 

Cross-Platform Development Tools:

Previously people had to choose the OS for which they were going to develop the application specifically, but the scenario changed with time and developers are working on development environments where they create apps that work on almost all desktop and mobile platforms. Now performance won’t be compromised, and apps can behave natively.


Bitcoin made its mark with flying colors, cryptocurrency concept evolved as something outbreaking but its underlying blockchain came as something unbeatable and had a greater effect on future technological revolutions. Its decentralized nature is what makes it so worthy. All geeks who are looking out to invest their time should consider blockchain as a strong and competitive option. It has the ability to store any type of record which can not be altered or corrupted by any hacker. 

It is the latest development in technology and a lot of people are mending their way and investing time to come up with something extraordinary.


Right now, we can see the Internet of Things all over, and with time, it is becoming an integral part of our homes. Smart microwaves, the internet-connected devices and whatnot. The cherry on the cake is the evolution of 5G devices, which is making it easy to take advantage of this technology in the best possible manner. With IoT we can easily track the world around us, and it is a powerful skill for the foreseeable future. 

If you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, then nothing can stop you. One can not be a geek if he lacks passion, no matter how knowledgeable you are, if you don’t crave to go out of your comfort zone then you won’t make it big. You grow emotionally and spiritually with your product and it is represented in your personality. 

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