10 Ideas for Using Technology to Teach Writing


Writing is one of the most important learning skills. Not all students are perfect with it and so, the task of many educators is to help them to improve those skills. Technology is very useful in this crucial matter. There are many ways how you can teach writing.

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Automatized Feedback

As teachers and professors are commonly overloaded with different tasks and obligations, it’s hard to track their students. There is a great solution to this issue. Educators should use special apps, which monitor the progress of their students. It allows for identifying current problems of students and undertakes effective measures to overcome them.

Integration of Social Media

Make use of social media. It’s no secret that most teenagers are merely obsessed with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. You can use social media to develop the writing skills of your students. There are specially created groups, communities, and forums, which are devoted to the questions of teaching. Thus, students may learn many useful facts about how to manage their typical complications and advance. 

Implementation of Multimedia Projects

Another great method of the development of writing skills is to implement multimedia. Different technological inventions like projectors, interactive boards, and similar things are interesting for students. Assign them presentations using multimedia. They will be more engaged in the learning process and consequently, will steadily develop their writing skills.

Academic Writing Agencies

Although most educators are against writing websites, they may be useful in a fair way. Such agencies likewise offer free samples. Students may download them, read and learn many important prompts. Thus, students don’t violate any rules because it’s a part of self-education. The Internet is overflowed with similar forms of self-education, such as tutorials, guides, and other learning materials.

Strengthening Collaboration Skills

You should obligatorily encourage your students to actively collaborate. This is one of the most important learning skills. Every student should be a strong individuality, as well as a good team player. Therefore, different forms of collaboration are welcome. Technology helps a lot.

Ask your students to create small online groups. About 4-5 students per group should be assigned the same writing tasks. They should work together to find the best solutions.

Writing Blogs

It’s very useful to write blogs. Many teenagers do it for fun. Educators may organize some friendly blogging competitions to show who the best writer is. Create a community for your students and promise to give some rewards. Post there the best three works every week. Thus, you’ll encourage your students to write on a regular basis. They’ll try to become winners and so, will be interested in the enhancement of their writing skills. Make sure the spirit competition is healthy.

Use of Checking Applications

Thanks to technological progress, students can use different applications, which help to check their grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistics, plagiarism, word choice, etc. All these elements are important to write flawless papers. We’ll provide a brief review of different useful applications, which serve different purposes.

Name of the ApplicationSpecificationDescription
GrammarlyGrammar checkerThis program quickly scans the text and provides results with all mistakes. It likewise provides correct versions of your mistakes. It can be easily installed into Microsoft Word.
GoogleDocsEditing and writing toolIt has the same features as Microsoft Word. Allows to quickly write and edit in online and offline regimes. Its storage is 15GB.
EvernoteNotetakerAllows for making instant notes, categorizing them, adding subheadings, descriptions, and deadlines. It’s possible to take photos and scan books.
Hubspot Topic GeneratorTopic CreatorHelps to instantly create topic ideas. Just use one or several keywords and receive suggestions for your writing projects.
EasybibPlagiarism checkerThis is a smart and quick plagiarism-checking application. It carries out two functions. Firstly, it scans the Internet to define whether you plagiarize some other works. Secondly, it provides grammar checkup. You can scan papers on your computer/laptop or on Google Drive.

There are many other useful learning apps and programs. Tell your students to try different variants to identify the most suitable option. Thus, students may enhance their writing skills faster.

Passing Online Courses

It’s worth mentioning online programs and lessons. Different colleges and universities establish their websites and propose to pass online teaching courses in different disciplines and aspects of education. Thus, you may find various effective writing courses, which help to identify your major problems and solve them.

Visual Reports

Finally, teachers and professors should use visualization to encourage their students. You can post them on an online community of your class. If the results are bad, don’t make them public but send it to a student with personal instructions. Obligatorily post the results of the best students.

Obligatorily memorize our article. It highlights the most efficient technology ideas, which help students to improve their writing. Using most or even all these methods, educators will help their students to become excellent writers.

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