Internet of Things: Sculpting the Future of Fitness as We Know it


Internet of Things or IoT as the world calls it, has hit us by the storm. The advent of internet has made it possible for all our devices to come to life and add to our convenience. Experts expect the IoT market to reach a whopping $1.1 trillion by 2020

The exponential growth of IoT comes with a plethora of opportunities for all sorts of industries. The fitness industry hasparticularly grabbed our attention. Here we will look into how the Internet of Things has been impacting this industry and allowing it to reach new heights. However, first let’s briefly walk through the Internet of Things and what exactly it is.

What is the Internet of Things?

Kevin Ashton – a British entrepreneur came up with this term back in 1999. The Internet of Things or Everything revolves around the amalgamation of physical objects with the latest cutting-edge software. This makes it possible for users to interact with those objects using a reliable internet connection.

The internet that we use works with the help of a strong network infrastructure. This network infrastructure acts as a bridge of connection between devices and us, which allows us to interact with smart-devices and control them the way they want. 

The IoT has contributed massively towards the growth of the Internet infrastructure, and we believe it will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years.

How has IoT influenced the Fitness Industry?

There was a time when fitness fanatics were bound to stick with the traditional methods to monitor their health. But, thank God for the Internet of Things, there have been changes in how people control and monitor their fitness activities. Users canmonitor their physical activity on a real-time basis and with AI-based coaches users can get unprecedented assistance, without costing them an arm and leg.

Here is how the IoT has influenced the fitness realm:1. Immersive Workouts

Since everything is about VR now, gone is that time when users were limited to learning new exercise moves by watching on TV only. Now, with the help of immersive workouts, users can train alongside a virtual coaches and monitor their progress in real-time.2. Real-Time Data Monitoring

Since ‘results’ are the one thing that most users are concerned about, their long-term wish of viewing their progress on a real-time basis has finally become a reality. With IoT, users can monitor their progress and compare it with their friends, to see how well they’re performing. This plays a big role in keeping them motivated to reach their goal.3. Leaderboards

Another great thing that IoT has implemented in the fitness industry is Leaderboards. With this, users can monitor their heart rate with sensors and track their health without any hassle. Leaderboards give users an incentive to keep striving towards their goals, without experiencing any demotivation or laziness.4. Heart-Rate Monitoring Sensors

Gone are the days when hefty equipment was required to check heart rate because now users can check their heart rates with the help of smart wearables that work round-the-clock. These wearables constantly monitor users’ heart rates and save results on the cloud, so they can be viewed later on.5. Guest Experiences

You need high level motivation to maintain your health, and sometimes, sharing results with each other for inspiration can be a bit of a hassle. Therefore, with Guest Experiences, users can monitor their performance on an individual level, and get a chance to improve their fitness with more focus.

IoT is Taking Over!

IoT has an undeniably bright future and its amalgamation in most industries is only adding ease to our lives and peace to our minds. We’re ready to see how far IoT will take us and for how long can we continue to benefit from it. Are you?

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