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Link to information about .NET Framework 4 setup and deployment improvements

Peter Marcu has posted some detailed information about improvements that have been made to the setup and deployment process for the .NET Framework 4 starting with the recently released .NET Framework 4 beta 2 and Visual Studio 2010 beta 2. The improvements have been made to solve issues that exist in the .NET Framework 3.5 and 3.5 SP1 and to address customer feedback that has been received from previous releases. The improvements that Peter describes are focused on the following areas:

Size – making the overall download and install size of the .NET Framework 4 smaller
Robustness – making the download and installation process more reliable
Performance – making the download and install time faster

I encourage you to read Peter’s blog post to learn more about the specific improvements being made to the .NET Framework setup and deployment process in the .NET Framework 4. – Here

Courtesy: Aaron Stebner’s Weblog

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If you had the .NET Framework 4 beta 1 and/or VS 2010 beta 1 installed, please follow the instructions at to fully uninstall beta 1 before you install beta 2.

These instructions explain how to fully uninstall VS 2010 beta 1 and then fully uninstall the .NET Framework 4 beta 1. If you do not follow the above instructions, you may see a crash dialog during the installation of VS 2010 beta 2, and you may see package load failures when trying to use VS 2010 beta 2. The instructions linked above also contain steps to repair the .NET Framework 4 beta 2 and VS 2010 beta 2 in order to recover from these errors.

Just to add to the instructions. (Thanks Harish Ranganath)

1. Uninstall Silverlight 3 SDK before installing VS 2010 Beta 2

2. Install VS 2010 Beta 2

3. Again install Silverlight 3 SDK

Otherwise, you would encounter that SL3 SDK set up could not be installed. This is only a Beta 2 installation behaviour.

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