How To Choose The Best PC Cleaner Software?


You can find many different programs, which you can use for cleaning junk files on your computer. It is essential to clean your PC regularly to maintain proper function of Windows. Not all cleaner software work effectively. In this article, you will find out which one is better to download for regular use.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional is one of the best and smartest optimization/cleaner tools for computers, which is used by millions of people worldwide. The performance of this software is incredible. After downloading CCleaner, you will have to do a single click to start the cleaning process of your entire computer system. You can be sure this tool will save you time. Forget about manual cleaning, as CCleaner will do everything automatically: it will perform in-depth scanning of your computer system to find and delete all junk files. CCleaner will clean the history/cookies of your web browser to protect your online privacy. The program will send you regular updates for faster and better system performance. CCleaner offers users registry cleaner feature, which is efficient in fixing registry errors and broken settings. Finally, it will disable startup items which you do not need to improve the boot process.

DefenceByte Computer Optimizer

DefenceByte Computer Optimizer is another powerful cleaner tool for your computer. It works on the most comprehensive technologies, which aims to maintain the smooth performance of your computer. It works as the uninstaller tool, which you can use for scanning, detecting, and removing unnecessary programs, files, and cookies. DefenceByte Computer Optimizer has unique algorithms for scanning your computer system and fixing any issues, which do not let your system run correct and fast enough. By installing this software, you will get not only a system cleaner and optimization tool but also a tool to protect your computer from malware threats. This cleaner will block any file extensions, URLs, and will fix invalid paths. Such a lightweight software runs on all versions of Windows.

Clean Master for PC

If you are looking for a powerful free cleaner for your computer, which runs on Windows 7/8/10, then Clean Master for PC is the best option for you. Your computer system will be clean, and your privacy kept safe. The tool can scan more than a thousand of different programs with one-click. The tool will find any kind of junk and residual files and will delete them to clean up PC storage. After installing Clean Master for PC, you will boost system performance. It offers users a driver booster for scanning/fixing over millions of available drivers if any issue arises. The tool works like your system privacy protector. Any unwanted access to your programs will be blocked by Clean Master for PC Additionally, the program such features as file recovery, junk auto-clean, auto-update, file shredder, malware protection, and browser auto-clean.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner tool is efficient in finding and solving any kind of registry errors. It is also a good junk cleaner for your computer system. Every registry entry on your computer will be removed, repaired, and optimized. The tool will clean the entire system to minimize risks of lags or possible system crashes. Auslogics Registry Cleaner can even help you correct system/Internet settings or any other instability issues. You can use the tool to find and fix corrupt entries. This optimization tool for PCs guarantees you stunning results. Besides, you will get access to a restore point, where you can cancel the changes any moment you want.


CleanMyPC is worth trying free cleaner tool for PCs with Windows OS. The tool will scan your entire computer space to detect and delete all your junk files (cache, log files, cookies) to boost your computer. It will remove leftovers from uninstalled software. It always keeps your PC security intact. Besides, CleanMyPC manages startup items, as well as solves registry problems to speed up your system boot time. It will also clean unnecessary browser extensions, maintain online privacy, and assist you in managing hibernation files.


All users of Windows know about performance problems, which are caused by specific reasons. If you have too much junk files, old programs/apps, registry junk, cache, the performance of the computer will be affected. We highly recommend all Windows users install professional cleaner software to boost the system.

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