Difficulties in hospital management systems (HMS) developing


The development of the hospital management system, as well as any other programs, has its own pitfalls. Understanding the system functions and the users’ needs, a comprehensive vision of the final result allows for avoiding significant expenses, both time and finance, when creating such automated programs.

Let’s look at these difficulties in the context of the following useful tips:

  • engage the development team as early as possible. The design phase is perfect! It goes without saying that it should be experienced developers with a good portfolio. General management is also important.
  • working in accordance with accepted standards. It’s important if you need to develop software for medical equipment, but not so critical for the HMS.
  • program interface should be simple and reliable. After all, a huge number of people (doctors, patients, administrative officers) will work with the system. That means constant edits and data entry, as well as reporting. A good interface reduces the time of training and work in the program, makes this work more comfortable and efficient.
  • it is not always necessarily to change the entire system. Sometimes it is enough to update a few blocks, change the design a little – and the program will work faster and better!
  • follow the trends. No need to blindly copy software from other hospitals. If you decide to create HMS from scratch – do it using those chips which are functional in other HMS.
  • keep in mind that the system will collect and process large amounts of information, both textual and multimedia (video, photo). In other words, you need not only the appropriate software, but also the same computers (laptops).
  • data safety and security should come first! Only hospital staff can have full access to all patient information and medical history. Violation of confidentiality, loss of data can lead to disastrous financial consequences, not to mention the hospital’s reputation.
  • high speed processing and data output. This is achieved not only by the hardware power, but, primarily, by virtue of properly optimized software. 

What programming language to use?

A universal option was and remains Python and MySQL. Java supporters, on the other hand, will easily convince you otherwise. The choice of programming language for the HMS is determined rather by personal preferences and the development team groundworks. There is no big difference for the customer in most cases, as long as the program works quickly and correctly.

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