How NetEnt secured their footing as a leading software developer


Software development is a crowded industry, especially in the gaming where every company is trying to set the bar higher and higher each year.

The competition has already migrated from the mainstream gaming devices, console and PC, to our mobile devices.

In such a crowd, it’s extremely difficult for a rookie to stand out. However, NetEnt has made some remarkable progress, especially, considering their time in the industry.

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So, let’s discuss how NetEnt secured their footing as a leading software developer.

1. Finding the right goal

While most developers in the industry are developing their own personal projects, NetEnt, on the other hand, are providing premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators.

This helps them to stand out in a crowd and offer a unique service that has fewer competition than in the rest of the industry. We’ll talk more about picking a niche in the following section.

This also makes their service unique and since, their work is of top-quality – both in terms of talent and resources, they are heading stronger than the rest of the pack.

Overall, their strong understanding of their customers and the service they provide give them a major advantage when compared to other similar companies.

2. Finding the niche

Game devs have to identify market trends. It’s common knowledge in the business industry that when a company is in its infancy, it should look for a niche to build a strong consumer base.

Even when the overall industry of a company is broad, most successful companies started with a niche. For example, Amazon started with only books. Expansion only follows after a successful conquest of the niche.

NetEnt has also found its niche in the huge gaming industry. They have found the one thing that certain people need and deliver the best service for them.

3. Offering quality service

Obviously, no matter how incredible your business model is, if the product doesn’t deliver then the company can’t prosper.

And of course, NetEnt is aware of that. They deliver a unique service but they don’t make compromises. They use the best talents and the most cutting-edge technology to deliver the best service possible.

Not only that, they have made several investments to make their services better since their inception. They have also planned many progressive investments that are just on the horizon.

Their commitment to provide quality service is and will be a key factor to their success and we see no signs of them stopping any time soon.


Researching about NetEnt and understanding their working has been nothing short of an interesting endeavor. Their jest to pull forward and make wise decisions have collected a lot of faith from many other experts as well.

This has been a broad conclusion of what we think NetEnt has done right and has helped them to secure a strong position in the software development industry. Now, we can only look forward and see how they progress with the change in future gaming trends.

With that, we hope that you enjoyed this piece and thank you for reading.

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