My comments on “Windows 7 Triggered Services” in the DNA Paper (pg7)

Windows 7 is doing really good and a lot of people are liking this already. Feels good to share this information with you that, my comments about Triggered Services (faster boot and shutdown) was also featured in the DNA newspaper today (pg 7, Bangalore edition).  This article also features the comments from a non-techie Rahul Krishnan who explains about his experiences with Aero Shake.

 An excerpt from the article says,

Vijay Raj, a city-based tech-blogger has been using Windows 7 for almost a year now, starting from beta build to the recent Release Candidate (RC) which were released for free, for public use and testing. According to him, the faster boot and shut down speed has been the biggest plus point with Windows 7. “It’s because only essential Windows programmes are started during boot and the rest start later on. Called trigger boot system, in XP or Vista one would have to wait for all the icons to load in the system tray,” he says.

You can download the article here
You can also read the article on the newspaper here

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