10 Free Text Editing Tools for Windows 10


As a writer, your primary goal is to make sure that your reader understands points you are putting across. The written passage, paper or essay needs to be well-structured and have a perfect grammatical flow. Text editing is one of the challenges many students face while tackling their assignments and essays. 

In my years as a student, I would often opt to buy an essay or a research paper than write it myself. I feared submitting shoddy work. Proofreading and editing has always been a challenge for me. I remember that I had to buy research proposal onlinefor my first project at college. Similar to many students, I found my proposal paper not to be good enough. 

Best Tools for Text Editing on Windows 10

Ideas and information in the brain can make you feel intelligent and confident. But wait till you transfer the same ideas and information from the brain to a paper. That is when you feel that you are not smart enough. Trust me, you are smart enough, your written work just needs some proofreading and editing and you are good to go. 

Here is a list of the best text editor tools for windows that can be helpful.

1.   Notepad++

If you work on articles, papers or codes in different languages, this might be the tool for you. This program has been developed to support multiple languages. If you are looking for a specific outcome, this program comes with additional plugins that help improve overall performance. 

The app stands out as a result of:

  • Customizable interface, 
  • Multi-language feature, 
  • Auto-completion
  • Search and replace tools. 

On the downside, this tool cannot handle some large files.

2.   Vim

Basically, this tool reduces your workload as far as text editing and proofreading is concerned. The main features and advantages of this app include:

  • Automatic commands
  • Text formatting and editing
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Integrated spell-check 

I can’t help but feel that I should have tried this software before I opted to buy research proposal online. Now that I have used it, I feel that you will save so much if you tried it out. However, the program requires time to master and use perfectly.

3.   GNU Emacs

If you are looking for a self-documenting and easily customizable tool, then the GNU Emacs is what you need. Some of its amazing and very beneficial features include:

  • a multi-language capability, 
  • a debugging interface and
  • a project planner tool. 

Note that you need to learn how to use it first – it is not as easy as ABCD.

4.   Bluefish

Personally, I haven’t used nor heard about this app before. From my research, this tool is almost similar to the above-discussed programs, apart from some special features that make it stand out. The tool has:

  • auto-recovery capability, 
  • reusable shortcuts and 
  • multiple document interface.

The downside of this app is that most of its competitors have better features and plugins.

5.   EditPad Lite

Although this is a free editing tool for Windows, it is the only lite version with the premium type coming at a cost. For commercial uses, you need to purchase a license. If you intend to have it for personal use, you can have the standard lite version. 

The app has unlimited undo and redo options, making it easy to make multiple changes to one document without altering it entirely.

6.   Atom

This is one of the top-rated software as far as text editing tools are concerned. This tool is absolutely free of charge, including the themes and features. Some of its advantages include:

  • Customization
  • Auto-completion feature
  • Find and replace editing tool 
  • It can open multiple panes simultaneously.

On the other hand, the software may show some sluggishness when you open large documents and files. This happens on very rare occasions, making Atom one of the best programs among free text editor tools.

7.   NoteTab Lite

To get NoteTab pro you have to purchase a license. NoteTab lite is perfect for small and personal document editing but not for large size business documents. Its classic features include:

  • HTML autocomplete
  • In-text calculations

8.   Brackets

Despite it being sleek and easy to use, Brackets is more useful in web designing and coding than in text editing. This makes it an unfavorable program for general use.

9.   Gedit

Although this is a text editor for the Windows operating system, it was developed for GNOME OS, which happens to be uncommon. A feature that distinguishes this software from other text editors is that it has a beautiful user interface for both standard and coding users.

It is a bit sluggish when tackling large files. Other than that, it is perfect.

10.Visual Studio Code

This application is one of the best there as far as text editing is concerned. It comes with additional plugins for Multi-language capability as well as the auto-complete capabilities. 


As humans, we all share the desire to excel. To make it as a writer, you have to make use of these tools from the beginning. Don’t insist on making a fool of yourself each time by making silly spelling and grammar errors. With this information, the ball is absolutely on your court now.

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