CARTIER Watches Review


Cartier watches were introduced in 1847 by a Parisian watch seller Louis Francois Cartier who took over the workshop from his employer. The founder of this watch has been selling other watches after beautifying using his own ideas. With the passage of time and accumulation of knowledge, the founder started its own line of luxury watches. Cartier brand was originally devoted to making high-end jewellery. With its line of watches, they forayed into the field of luxury fashion and introduced the elite class to the artworks that these branded watches are. Aimed to adorn only the classiest of the classes, this watch boasts to be the first choice of industrialists, celebrities and royals.

Important collections of Cartier Watches

These high-class luxury watches came up with their first collection even before the dawn of the era of wrist watches. The wrist watches from this brand were sold under the collection ‘Santos’ and are considered a rarity till date. This line drew the inspiration from a friend who complained about the impracticality of pocket watches in certain situation such as flying. The name of the friend was Alberto Santos-Durant and perhaps, after him, the line was christened.

The next line was introduced in 1919. It was the time of World War I and aptly it got the name ‘Tank’. A variety of watches were introduced under this line from time to time. A few worth mentioning are:

a. Tank Cintree – 1921
b. Tank Louis Cartier and Tank Chinoise – 1922
c. Tank à guichets – 1929
d. Tank Baculante – 1932
e. Tank asymétrique – 1936
f. Tank Americaine – 1989
g. Tank Francaise – 1996
h. Tank Divan – 2002

The motif of tank caterpillar is the main identifying feature of this line. The makers reinvented this line time and again according to the change of sensibilities happening over time. It is a unisex watch designed to complement the personalities of both men and women.

The other lines created under this luxury watch banner are – Baron Blu, Cres, Drive, and Panthere; to name a few exclusive ones.

Cartier watches’ unique elements

As mentioned above, there was something unique introduced in every line as per the changing sensibilities of the user. The elements that distinctly defined the collections are:

a. Tank: Square dial formed the identifying feature of this collection. The tank caterpillar motif and elegance in looks placed these watches in a different league. One of the watches of this collection Tank Shinoya incorporated the Chinese temple in the design making it a true exclusive luxury.

b. Baron blu: Round dial marked the unique feature of this watch line. It was designed in pairs so that these could be presented as anniversary gifts for couples.

c. Caliber: It was featuring 42mm case size. Popular as men’s watch, it features Roman Numerals, Water-proof abilities and chronographs.

Watches from this high-end luxury brand have jewellery-like looks owing to the fact that the jewellery was and continues to be its original offering. Apart from unmatched quality; many of these cartier watches have the bracelet-like appearance. The inclusion of gold and steel in the design also justifies the exclusivity these wrist adornments come with.

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