Why tudor black bay watches become famous among people?


People are highly concentrated on current fashion trends and accessories although there are several fashion accessories available in the market and watches remain to be common one to both men and women. Even though people follow fashion trends when it comes to watch selection mostly they preferred to choose branded one it is mainly because, only branded watches can give a classic and unique style look to person who wear them. This cannot be gained by any other local manufacturer watches which are ready available. When people search for top most brands there several brands available such as Hamilton, Swiss and more they manufacture all professional designed watches and fashion trend watches too. Moreover now it is easy to get all such branded watches in normal price range via online. On other hand not all people wish to have watches in these brands rather they would prefer to get branded watches which are famous in past years. Many can think is it possible getting branded a watch that was famous in past years? In true facts at present it is made possible by tudor watch manufacturer by re-launching their famous luxury watch type tudor black bay with modernized settings and designs.

History of Tudor black bay watches:

Tudor is one of among highly preferred luxury watch manufacturer which has headquarters in Geneva city in Switzerland. These tudor was working as a subsidiary to Rolex watches, it had created a unique name for its brand by having back to back tudor inventions such as tudor diving watches, tudor chronograph, tudor submariner and tutor heritage black bay. The success of tudor watches has initiated when they launched tudor submariner but their famous is done by heritage black bay. This model remains as a popular vintage model among all watch lovers. Thus the heritage black bay watches remains as preferred watch by almost of celebrity. Recently tudor came back to market with their new model tudor black bay which is compressed designs of tudor’s various submariner and heritage black bay. The tudor black bayis designed with modern designing aspects with stylish look.

Features of tudor black bay:

The tudor black bay watches are re designed mainly with various tudor submarine model and famous tudor heritage black bay model. Although it is re invented they are more famous due to its exciting features which carry out old designs in modern aspects. Here are some exciting features of tudor black baywatches are listed below.

  • The tudor black bay watches are manufactured with common case dial with steel in 32 mm to 41 mm case size. The watch case is polished enough and finished with satin work.
  • The watch maker has manufactured the tudor black bay watches with self winding movements along with bidirectional rotor system.
  • Moreover in new tudor black baywatches the power get reserved for 70 hours in approx.
  • As a feature from old design the watches are made water resistance or water proof about 200 m which is 660 ft of range.
  • When it comes to case the bezel is manufactured in steel in form of unidirectional disc, where it holds black dial with pink index in domed shape.
  • The winding crown of the watch is made with steel with rose engraved along with black lacquered burgundy aluminium winding crown tube.
  • The watch is designed with domed sapphire crystals which gives crystal clear wrist.

Apart from all above features all models of tudor black bay watches are designed with bracelet of rivet steel along with buckle folding and safety clasp.

Various collection of tudor black bay watches:

Although the tudor black bay watches is re invented one people are offered with three variety of model collections such as 

  • Tudor’s black bay 58
  • Tudor’s black bay red
  • Tudor’s black bay black
  • Tudor’s black bay GMT

Tudor’s black bay 58:  this model is designed with 39 mm dial size with thickness of about 12.01 mm. moreover it highly draw attention of all people when they see this watch model it would feel it is a perfect match for them. On further this model is available in affordable range which can be offered by all people.

Tudor’s black bay red: this model is designed with dial size of 541 mm and water resistance up to 200 m as an additional feature the watch dial is guarded by crystal glass. This model is mainly designed based on various submarine models as reflect of that this model has big crown along with modern look aspects.

Tudor’s black bay black:  this model is designed with sports watch specifications with measurement 41 x 50 x 14.8 mm steel. As an additional feature the watch has red triangle in dial when clock strike at 12 o clock along with this the watch has sharp edges in high finishing quality.

Tudor’s black bay GMT: the GMT watch is a new invention with 41 mm wide and thickness is about 15 mm. this GMT watches are divided into two types independent 24 hour and local jumping hour. Moreover this watch model is attracted towards people because it is made with Pepsi design. For more information and watch purchase people can visit official site

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