10 Best Gadgets That Every Student Needs

Do you want to make your college life easier? Do you love fun gadgets and using them to your advantage? Well, you will be glad to hear that there are lots of awesome and new gadgets on the market that students are going to love.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best gadgets, so you do not need to search for them on your own.

Portable Speakers

If you love to listen to music everywhere you go, you are going to need to order a portable speaker. This is one of the gadgets you end up buying, and everyone else loves it too! You can bring it along to the gym, parties and other activities. They usually have Bluetooth, so they easily connect to your device without any needs for wires.

Bluetooth Coffee Machine

Do you need a cup of coffee to help get you moving in the morning? One of the fun gadgets that students need is a Bluetooth coffee machine. This lets you start your coffee pot from your mobile device, which means you can be lying in bed while your coffee is brewing. This is just what you need if you are in a rush in the morning.


If you are planning on studying abroad for a semester, you will want to keep in touch with friends and family. One of the best apps for your smartphone will be WhatsApp. This is an easy and real-time way to message when you are in any country. You can send messages, audio, and images instantly.

A Fitness Tracker

One of the best things you can do as a student is to stay healthy. Of course, this can be hard when you are studying a lot and going to lots of parties! But a fitness tracker can help you get to go in the right direction. You can track your fitness and exercise every day, as well as monitor your sleep patterns. This is going to be good when you are writing your law dissertatio, or you are a Ph.D. student, as you will be very busy and it can motivate you to stay healthy.

A Kindle

Do you have a lot of reading during the academic year? Instead of always purchasing hardback books or having to head to the library, you can consider having your own kindle instead. This is a fantastic way to access and enjoy reading for your classics. It can all be stored onto one device and read wherever you are. Good tablets for college include: 

  • Kindle Fire HD 
  • Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Kindle Fire 7.
  • Kindle Oasis.

A Portable Hard Drive

The last thing you want is to lose all of those essays you have worked so hard on throughout the academic year. So, a portable hard drive is one of the best gadgets for college students to invest in. It is going to make sure that if anything goes wrong with your computer, you have a backup of all your work. It could save you a lot of stress and hassle later down the line.

A Reliable Laptop

One thing that every student needs for the start of their studies is a good laptop. This is going to be your best friend at lectures and for working on assignments and dissertations. It can also be a way to buy dissertation online. You can simply connect your device to the internet and order a dissertation online to improve your grades.

Good Headphones

There is going to be a time in the academic year when you are trying to study, and there is too much noise. This could be when you are studying in your dormitory or even in the library. What to do you need? Well, you need to purchase a good set of noise-canceling headphones. This is going to stop any distractions that are preventing you from studying or writing your paper. But if you are still struggling, Paperial could help with time management for college students by letting you order online dissertation options.

A Portable Charger

Do you find that your mobile device runs out of battery all the time? Of course, nobody wants this to happen in the middle of class or traveling home. The best way to avoid this is by choosing a portable charger. This is one of the good gadgets that is going to save the day when you least expect it. You will be able to simply attach your mobile device and juice it up so you can use it when you need to. This is definitely one to buy.

A Wireless Printer

Printing at the college library is expensive. Plus, sometimes you do not want to travel into campus just to print out reading and other coursework. The solution is purchasing a wireless printer. This is going to let you connect your device easily and print out everything you need for studying and writing papers.

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