How to Improve Your Revenue as a YouTuber?


Making money with online videos has become a norm these days. There are various streaming platforms, such as Twitch TV, and, of course, YouTube, the biggest video website on the internet. Those who have managed to jump in at the early stage have managed to build a decent number of subscribers and profit from ads. However, due to recent changes in YouTube’s algorithm, the numbers seem to fall down in ad revenue. It is only natural that everyone has been trying to figure out other means of profiting from their videos. If you happen to be a YouTuber, the list below should be of great use to you.


Turning off the ads for good and focusing on patronage from your viewers is not a possibility for every YouTuber, but there are plenty of those who make thousands of dollars thanks to the support on Patreon or any other crowdfunding website. This idea has been around for many years now and encourages content creators to remain active because they see just how much the viewers want to see them make the videos. Depending on how big and engaging your audience is, it is not a stretch to say that this method can be more than enough to make more than enough money.

Sell Digital Goods

The best thing about digital stuff is that you do not have to pay anything for production. The basic concept is that once there is something made, you just need to copy and paste it again. It is nothing but profit. Of course, a YouTube channel will be a platform to advertise. The selling needs to happen on an e-store. For instance, if you were to look at Printify pricing reviewed, it should give you a general idea how much running a website like that would cost. Making everything yourself is not that good of an idea because you will lack experience. Therefore, you should probably be better off hiring someone who knows how to build an online shop.

Paid Sponsorship

There are plenty of companies who are dying to get more attention. And who can help with that more than influencers on YouTube who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers? If you are a big player, it is highly likely that they will reach out to you. However, it would be much better to take a proactive approach and ask them yourself. As for the payment, it usually comes down to what you can negotiate. In most of these deals, the number of views will determine how much you can expect to make. If you agree to get a dollar per thousand views, it is obvious how much you will get.


Another great way to get yourself more recognition is releasing merchandise. This one is a bit tricky as it requires more than just a decision to do it. You will need to come up with something that makes sense, is appealing, and figure out the distribution part. It does not necessarily have to be youtube merch made on a platform such as If you have a big enough audience, any product will do, as long as it is good. Starting with something like simple t-shirts or mugs with your channel logo will show whether viewers are interested. If they are, you can move on to the next step. On the other hand, if you fail, spending time on another method would make more sense.

Show Your Skills

If you know how to do more than just edit videos, promote yourself on platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. There are courses which gather a lot of attention, and it would not be a bad idea trying to come up with something like that yourself.

All in all, if you are no longer satisfied with the ad revenue on your account, there is definitely more than one way to make money on YouTube. The fact that you are on the platform already shows your creative side. Nothing should be impossible if you put your mind to it.

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