A Deeper Look Into the Consoles of Tomorrow


The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative ones. Consoles played a considerable part in this industry’s evolution, and they still are. Many say that a new generation of gaming started back in 1999 when Sega Dreamcast with a 128-bit processor and 26 MB memory was released. Games such as Soulcalibur, Crazy Taxi, and Shenmue were played in living rooms across the world. 

Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and numerous Nintendo consoles followed to mark the final success and rise of the consoles in the gaming industry. The functionality of consoles improved over time. Today, they even support streaming movies and TV shows on popular streaming platforms. 

This brings us to the question of what the future has in store for the consoles. Let’s take a deeper look into the consoles of tomorrow. 

Microsoft’s Plan For The Xbox One Successor

According to several reports, Microsoft plans on releasing the new Xbox, codename “Scarlett”in 2020. Did you see Microsoft’s annual E3 briefing in Los Angeles in June last year? 

Microsoft was happy to announce that they have a dedicated team working on developing a new and better Xbox architecture. Microsoft has done a lot in the world of console gaming, and with each release of their new console, they have pushed the boundaries even further. 

It appears that Microsoft didn’t settle for developing just one new Xbox console this time. In fact, their team is working on at least two Xbox consoles. It seems that one of the consoles is going to be less expensive and thus with fewer capabilities than the other one. 

It is going to be designed to make video game streaming seamless and accessible to everyone. The code name of this one is “Lockhart.”

The other one is going to be more like the one we have – with the latest components able to run the most recent and even most requiring games. This comes with the codename “Anaconda.”

Microsoft wants to reach people wherever they are. This is why they also have a team of cloud engineers working on a game-streaming network. This will enable Microsoft to deliver console-quality gaming experience even to people with nothing more than a smartphone device. 

While there is no official statement from Microsoft regarding the release date, the rumor has it that these consoles will come out sometime in 2020. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft bought 5 big game studios. At the end of the last year, they also purchased Inxile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. This means that there are going to be a lot of new games for the new consoles when they hit the shelves.

The Coming of the Sony PlayStation 5

Believe it or not, the Sony PlayStation 4 life cycle is coming to an end. This console has been one of the most popular ones for the last 5 years. But is there something new brewing in Sony’s kitchen? 

There are no reports out there that reveal anything about Sony PlayStation 5. Sony is very good at playing the “no-rumors” game. But we expect to hear a big announcement in a few months. However, there are two very interesting interviews you should know about.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Kenichiro Yoshida, the president of Sony, said that the company is developing a new console. Shawn Layden, the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed this in an interview with

There are some conflicting reports about the release date. Some say that PS5 will come out in 2021, while the others tell us that we should expect it in 2019. Rumor has it that the new PS5 will come with a native 4K support. Sony in-house teams are already working on developing games for their new console.

We don’t know anything about what PS5 console will do with VR. Will it overcome the resolution constraints?

Gaming Consoles and Mobile VPN

With more and more people gaming online we can’t go on without addressing the issue of cybersecurity. Online gaming is the same as any other online activity. 

This means that gamers are exposed to the same risks as everyone else, including the cheaters that use DDoS attacks to win in the game. Gamers do stay away from VPNs because this type of connection increases the latency. 

Some experts argue that sacrificing a few milliseconds for an additional layer of security is a fair bargain. On top of that, using a VPN on mobileor desktop can help gamers unlock geo-restricted games and servers and enjoy their favorite console to its full capacity. Since consoles don’t allow VPN apps to be installed on them, users have to set a VPN via router or PC for a console to benefit from it as well.

As you can see, the console gaming industry is quite alive and well. PS fans may even end up seeing the next-gen PS this year. By investing heavily in the cloud and gaming studios, Microsoft has decided to step up its game. Both of their consoles will arrive in 2020. Let’s wait and see what the future brings. 

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