10 SMM Trends To Pay Attention To In 2019


Social media marketing is, without a doubt, one of the driving forces in digital marketing. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter enjoy over 50% of daily internet visits. This is an indication that the success of any digital marketing campaign is pegged on the right SMM strategy. Unlike other methods of marketing, digital marketing is very dynamic. Trends change in the blink of an eye. Being left behind may lead to the crumble of your successful business in a matter of days. This is why you need to stay ahead of the trends at all times. Focusing on 2019, you need to know what will be taking place before we cross the year. In this post, we explore some of the expected 2019 SMM trends and how you can use them to your benefit. By focusing ahead, you take charge and control of your business and stand out as a pacesetter. Here are the top 10 SMM trends for 2019.

1. Social Media Content Gets Personal

Social media users are expecting a more personalized experience. They want to feel as if the brand is addressing their personal needs at a personal level. Social media platforms with more suggested responses will enjoy more success in 2019. Highly personalized content involves direct feedback to questions, more detailed explanations of personal problems and direct communication with individuals.

While it is important to have personalized experiences, it is also important to ensure that personalization does not mess up the reputation of the organization. Focus on engaging in productive personal experiences and not those that may lead to altercations. The public display of service delivery must remain professional even when interacting with clients at a more personal level. Use of content such as live video chats must be on the front line in the management of social media in 2019.

2. Mention Monitoring

Mention monitoring is a trend that has developed over the years. More social media sites now offer the ability to monitor mentioning. Mentioning is important in several ways; it is the gateway to understanding the reputation your company enjoys. Mentions can be made in a forum where you are not involved. By tracking down such unbiased conversations, it is easy to understand customer frustrations and satisfaction. Another important way of using mention tracking is to find out what people are saying about your competitors. This feature gives you the ability to remain afloat by tracking the steps made by your competitors and offering counteraction. While mention tracking is important to help you track your followers, improper management of this feature may greatly affect your brand’s reputation. You should be able to offer solutions to all negative mentions to avoid bad publicity. This means that you may be forced to invest more in reputation management as we transit into 2019.

3.  Increased Influencer Investments

According to research done by Forbes Magazine, over 79 percent of marketers plan to invest in influencer marketing in 2019. At the same time, 45% of those already using influencer marketing plan to increase their investment. While some people may suggest that influencer marketing doesn’t work, the truth is that most shoppers still rely on influencers to make shopping decisions.  The use of influencers is projected to double if the data from Forbes is anything to go by.

According to, over 49% of Twitter and Instagram users rely on influencers while making shopping decisions. Interestingly, more stats show that influencers increase conversion rates by 1000%. There is no better way of reaching out to your target customers other than through influencers. The downside of influencer marketing is that it needs continuous investments. Therefore, you need to be prepared to keep on spending in order to maintain the high standards set for influencer marketing. The upside is that you are guaranteed of money back. Influencer marketing offers 10X to 12X returns on investment.

Instagram story is a feature that was introduced a year ago. Within a short span, this feature enjoys over 250 million daily users. Both Instagram and Facebook stories have become a trend among social media users. As we get into 2019, social media stories are expected to play a major role in SMM. Social media stories are expected to be part of the major trends for 2019.

While stories provide an elaborate marketing platform, content also matters. You need to either use engaging and entertaining content or informative content. Most brands use a mix of entertainment and information when creating such content. Your content must be able to capture the attention of viewers within the first 2 seconds. You don’t need to be a professional writer by yourself you can always ask for help essay service because they have affordable prices and writers who can write texts on any topic of any complexity. Remember, if a user loses interest in your content within the first few seconds, you lose the viewer.

Do not worry if you do not have time or bandwidth to use social media stories. You can use the services of influencers or social media managers.

5. Augmented Reality Gets Real

The use of augmented reality has been not explored as expected in 2018. However, as we advance to 2019, more companies are turning to the use of this feature. It is not clear which dimension AR will take in marketing, but it is expected that more people are will use it in 2019.  According to Hubspot, 100 million people will shop in AR by the year 2020. If this data is anything to go by, it only makes sense that most companies have to start investing in this field. There are more than 5 big brand retailers that are already using AR in marketing. According to Forbes, L’Orea, Ikea, and Snapchat are among the leading companies in the effective use of AR in marketing. L,Oreal, for example, uses an app that can be used in makeup application. The app is AR enhanced and offers the users a platform to enjoy a more realistic view of their makeup outcome.

While AR may seem like a factor that only affects big brands, it is important to start preparing for the dawn of AR in all sectors by 2020. Look at AR with an open eye and start strategizing on ways to implement its use in your sector.

6. More Use Of Automated Response Systems

 30% of online conversations are controlled by chatbots. In 2019, more companies are expected to invest more money in this sector. According to HubSpot, chatbots can answer up to 80% of customer concerns effectively. The use of virtual agents is an effective way of reducing investment in human labor. Virtual agents also offer a solution to the ever growing need for more personalized content. Chatbots can increase social media engagements and offer more personalized content than humans. This is the easiest way of managing a large number of social media concerns.

If you are not using social media chatbots today, you need to start planning how to use them. According to Social media Examiner , 42% of digital marketers expect that the use of chatbots will increase in 2019. Another 48% of marketers are already using this technology in marketing. If you are not using virtual agents, it’s time to start investing in this technology.

Use of virtual agents will help you offer 24-hour support to clients and provide an effective response to urgent questions. It will reduce customer complaints and increase your brand’s credibility.

7. Real-time Connection

Research done by Smart Insight shows that more brands will be focusing on real-time engagements. The need for real-time engagements is increasingly becoming a trend among social media users. Today, more people are interested in live chats than viewing pre-posted content. According to Facebook, live video chats receive 3X more viewership as compared to pre-recorded video.  In 2019, more companies must invest in live video marketing to get more engagements.

Live videos also give you room to offer product explanations and market products at the same time. With live video chats, you have enough time to respond to particular customer concerns and listen to complaints. Live chats can either be long or short. If you plan to do a long video chat, make sure you notify your followers in advance. Give regular updates on scheduled live stream date and time to enjoy maximum viewership. Regular short videos should also be part of your campaign strategy in 2019.

8. Post Automation

 Post automation has been a trend for several years now. However, the use of post automation has not been implemented to the fullest. It is predicted that in 2019, more companies will start using automatic posting software. Unfortunately, companies that are left behind may not have space in the market. It is important to note that social media users are attracted to active pages. Unless your page is activated, you will not attract the right crowd. However, regular posting is the right way of gaining the most relevant followers.

Post automation helps in keeping your followers engaged. You also get more followers through post sharing and engagements. It is paramount to keep your followers constantly engaged. There are many automation software that offer varied features and designed for posting images alone. There are those that can post both text and images, and there are those that can schedule image posting time to remind you when it is time to post. To get the best out of an automation tool, look for one that provides for varied media postings. A good posting tool should be able to schedule and post images with captions according to your preferences.

9. Great Content Development

Content development is now taking center stage in social media marketing. People are no longer interested in watching low-quality videos or reading through text that does not offer any information.  In recent days, social media followers have been seen to be interested in informative and funny content. Even if you are not funny, find a way of passing the information in an interesting way. Most marketers are turning to the use of toon videos to pass the information in an engaging and humorous way. It is important to find the best media to connect with your followers.

While content creation may be a difficult task, creating the right content matters. Therefore, find a way of outsourcing content creation to tech-savvy freelancers at an affordable rate. There are many websites where you can engage with freelancers directly and order custom-made content for social media and blogs. Creative writers can complete any piece of social media post in a few hours. With scheduled posting app and a dedicated writer, you can be guaranteed of having enough content to post throughout the year. Find a reliable content creator for 2019 to stay at par with your competitors.

10.  Increased Social Media Checkout Points

Social media is no longer a place where you throw the bait to capture customers for your website. Social media platforms are introducing eCommerce features that now allow businesses to sell directly. In 2019, more business will change the way of doing business. Facebook pages will look more like eCommerce stores with products.  Facebook opened up freedom for business to use their pages as checkout points. People can now link their bank accounts to their Facebook business pages and checkout directly. Buyers enjoy several payment options including PayPal and bank transfers. Customers can also read reviews and compare products before purchasing.

In 2019, more people are expected to start checking out directly from social media points of sale. It is expected that more social media platforms will introduce similar features. If you are yet to transfer your business checkout options to your social media, it is time to find out how. If you have a decent following, you can easily convert those followers into customers by bringing products closer. Most people do not enjoy being redirected to a different checkout point. Having a checkout button on your social media will help increase conversion rates.

Bottom line

Social media marketing is the way to go in 2019. However, the way you carry out your business must change. You need to tune your business in line with 2019 trends to ensure that you remain afloat. Keep the trends in mind to ensure that you are not left behind. One fact to remember in 2019 is that people are looking for engaging content. Social media followers want to feel a personal touch with the businesses they relate to.  Most importantly, ensure that you can give a quick response to client concerns. This is the reason why most companies are shifting to automated responses.

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