The Most Important Case in Video Game History


The Brown V. Entertainment Merchants Association court case had a tremendous impact on the gaming industry. Without this important court victory, the gaming industry would not be nearly the way it is today. The main reason why the case took place were concerns over children’s violent behavior and public incidents. Even the earliest video games dating way back in the 1970s incorporated a lot of violence and inappropriate scenes that children should not be exposed to. Parents of children aged from 12 to 18 years old were most concerned that this type of content would influence their children in a negative way. 

The rise in public incidents and tragic school shootings forced people to connect the dots between video games and destructive behavior. All of this lead to the court battle between Brown and the Entertainment Merchants Association. Even though this case had significant importance in the gaming industry, many gamers haven’t even heard of it. That is why we are going to briefly cover the events following the court case, as well as discuss the importance of using a gaming VPN to increase safety.

The Case of Brown V. Entertainment Merchants Association

The said case took place in 2011and, as a landmark case by the Supreme Court of the United States, it took down a significant California law from 2005. The law prohibited the sale of video games that contained violent content or inappropriate scenes. Children and teenagers were able to purchase these types of games under parental supervision only. However, the Brown V. Entertainment Merchants Association case put an end to this prohibition. 

The final decision was a 7-2 votewith which the court annulled the 2005 law. The court decided that video games, regardless of their content, are protected speech under the First Amendment, just like any other kind of media. This court victory has shaped the gaming industry that we know of today. If the case had gone in a different direction, many of today’s popular video games wouldn’t even exist. 

Despite having won a big battle, the gaming industry might not be in the clear yet. In fact, several court’s justices have suggested to re-examine the issue of violence in video games. The reason for this move is the fact that video games are changing at a rapid pace and some of them might not be fit for children under the age of 18. However, we are yet to see how things are going to play out in the future.

Why You Should Use a Gaming VPN

We cannot talk about video games and this industry without mentioning the importance of a gaming VPN. Being exposed to violent scenes might not be the only danger that gamers are facing these days. The question that should be raised here is how safe are video games in terms of cybersecurity?While original games purchased from genuine vendors are harmless, copied CDs and files might pose a threat to users’ devices. Video games can lead to numerous security threats including malware and virus installation, data breaches, or even identity theft.

Online gamers face even more security threats lurking in online forums and communities. The best way to stay safe while gaming online is to use a gaming VPN that will encrypt the users’ data and address. A VPN comes with many advantages that gamers can benefit from. Besides increased security, a gaming VPN will allow users to gain access to unreleased contentin their region. Some areas have internet censorship laws and might prohibit certain types of content. However, users can virtually change their location through a VPN and easily access any geo-restricted content or games.


The court case between Brown and the Entertainment Merchants Association will be remembered as one of the most important events in the history of gaming. Who knows what kind of games we would be playing nowadays if it weren’t for this court victory! However, even though the case clarified the issue related to violence in a video game, it did not solve the security aspect of the problem. Gamers are still left to face security threats on their own.

Unfortunately, not many users are aware of the dangers they are taking while gaming online. We are not only looking at the risks of unauthorized downloads of viruses or malware. This threat can easily be solved with the use of an advanced anti-virus system. However, what gamers cannot fight against are the security threats they are not aware of. A great example is potential scammers who hide behind usernames in gaming communities. These scammers will do everything in their power to get their hands on people’s data and credentials. Online gamers should learn more about potential security risks and start using a gaming VPN to protect their data.

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