My SlideDeck – Managing Application Compatibility in Windows 7

Hello folks, I just came back home from the Community TechDays a.k.a Xperience2009 event. It was a great summit which was organised by the Bangalore UGs and Microsoft. My session was highly accepted and appreciated by the attendees.  I did get a couple of mixed feedbacks, which I will workout to make my next session better. Kudos to all the organisers for such a phenomenal event !!

I had also added an arrow in all my slides which denoted the progress of my session. As it was a post lunch session, i had to do something really nice; or atleast if I am bugging people, they will  know, how long they gotta’ stand me 🙂 he heh..!

Herez the slidedeck which I used for the session, I will post the video link sooon.!!

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