Google Pixel 3 Lite: A Pocket-Friendly Pixel that MAY Supersede Apple!


It is an established fact that the smartphone market keeps on evolving with the passing times, introducing newer, innovative sets at the expense of ousting the older, outdated models. The aim of the mobile developers is to unlock fresh avenues of human convenience. Take, for instance, AI integration in the handsets, which promises to reduce the time and effort spent on executing everyday tasks. What does this signify? That it is incumbent on you to keep your ear to the ground, learn about the latest addition in the smartphone families, and then, take advantage of the advanced devices to bring a boatload of ease into your life. Am I right or what?

So, continuing the same thread, I have got news for your tech-savviness, and it has Google written all over it. Yes, this tech giant has hit the hardware market with an unprecedented force, presenting trendy items from speakers to displays, and has even dabbled in the smartphone tech. This year, it’s rumored to release its most cheap handset yet—expecting to lure the disgruntled iPhone users towards its unique software and OS. How do we know about this secretive project? Through leaked videos and photos, showing Google Pixel 3 Lite along with its anticipated specs.

This upcoming smartphone is a toned-down version of the expensive Pixel duo that came out last October. Its specs are said to have been designed ‘mid-tier’, without compromising much on quality, to bring it under the ‘budget-friendly’ banner. The reason behind Pixel 3 Lite’s idea generation is perhaps that Google wishes to capitalize on the dearth which is hitting iPhone sales at present. It wants to be the dissatisfied consumer circle’s “knight in shining armor”, showing them that they can enjoy a mighty-featured smartphone without tearing their pockets apart. For now, the buzz seems to be working in its favor.

If you are curious about Google Pixel 3 Lite, then take a few minutes out to read the in-depth review, dealing with its possible specs and features, mentioned below for your convenience.

What’s the Display Feature?

When it comes to a smartphone, the display matters a lot, because that’s what establishes the basis of your interactivity with it. If the screen size is too small, it over-exerts the eyes. If it’s too large, it messes with the hand-to-phone clutching ratio. That is why it needs to be just perfect to complement your on-the-go needs. Google Pixel 3 Lite is rumored to have a 5.56-inch screen display, 18:9 ratio and 1080 x 20160 pixels, according to the video leaked in January by Rozetked.

What’re the Camera Capabilities?

One of the most marked traits of our generation is that we love to document anything we can get our hands on. Social media is full of such pictorial representations of people’s everyday lives. Without a workable smartphone camera, this would not be possible. That is why whenever we go mobile shopping, we always ask about the camera capabilities and features. Lucky for you, Google Pixel 3 is anticipated to have a great camera profile. According to the leaked video, it is supposed to consist of a single 8 MP front camera, while the rear one is attuned to a full 12.2 MP with a 28 mm wide lens. Though this may not compare well with other high-priced devices having more than one multipurpose camera slots, still it is ample enough to serve your daily documenting needs with the affordable price range that it fortunately falls in.

What’re the Additional Specs?

According to the leaks, Google Pixel 3 Lite is rumored to feature a 3.5mm port headphone jack, unlike its predecessors. Perhaps, this has something to do with addressing the frustration of the Apple users who are bound to acquire wireless earbuds just to enjoy music. Interesting move, Google. Other than this, the phone is expected to run on a 2915 mAh battery, and consist of the Snapdragon 670 chipset at its core. Though this might sound like a setback for people who are used to the latest Snapdragon 845. However, you have to take the remarkable affordability of this smartphone into consideration. In addition, Pixel 3 Lite supports the latest Android 9.0 version in its OS. Cool, right?

What’s the Price?

Last year, we lined up outside the smartphone stores to get our hands on the cheapest iPhone model ever to make the lineup, i.e. the XR. That, in addition to the tons of orders we placed on Amazon over our Windstream Online connection, just so we might call ourselves the cool, ‘Apple’ users. For what? A price tag that did not prove as worthwhile in the end? We got an okay-ish handset for a whopping $749. Google may have observed this booming trend and its subsequent silence. That’s what might’ve inspired it to launch a smartphone that didn’t fall in the low-priced/low-quality range nor in the high-priced/low-quality one. But, in the balanced low priced/high-quality spectrum. At present, Pixel 3 Lite’s price is rumored to be somewhere between $400 and $500—budget-friendly, right?

When’s the Release Date?

One important thing you need to understand is that no official date has been given for the release of Pixel 3 Lite by Google. However, speculation by tech experts places its US release date to be in the early spring of this year, before the flagship Pixel 4 comes on the scene in October.

In conclusion, Google Pixel 3 Lite may still be in the pipeline, but the leaked specs and rate range is enough to get us at the edge of our seats. Not everyone can afford an iPhone, but anyone may be able to experience the high-quality functionality of a Pixel. What do you say?

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