Tracking the Top Niches for CPA Marketing in 2019

Cost per action (CPA) advertising is becoming more and more popular as a means of weaving affiliate marketing into businesses across the internet. However, there are many different niches that are used as the basis for these marketing strategies. Some of them are far more lucrative and effective than others, and they tend to change a great deal. That is why we are going to examine the top niches for CPA in 2019, so everyone knows which niches to utilize. 

Dating and Relationships

No matter if customers are looking to use a quickflirt dating website or try to find the love of their life, dating and relationships are always a top contender for CPA niches. This particular marketing niche is well-known because of its overall versatility. People from all over the world come to dating sites meaning that the potential conversion numbers are vast. Moreover, the advertisements or actions can be targeted to specific groups based on the site’s content i.e. senior dating, hookups, and more.


One of the most successful niches for marketing continues to be self-improvement outcomes. People are always looking for new ways to make themselves look better and feel better about themselves. There are hundreds of great programs out there which make a person reconsider their method of thinking and help them reclaim their lives. As long as people are looking for guidance, you can expect this niche to be high on the list. 

Health and Wellness 

As we’ve already mentioned, people love the idea of being healthier, more physically fit, or less plump. That’s why health is still a major niche for people to use for affiliate marketing. The sheer number of combinations that are possible with the health niche makes it perfect for use as an affiliate marketing program. Offering people on a site about healthy eating the chance to look into new fitness programs is one of many potential matches that can be made to make an affiliate in this area very successful. 

Wealth and Wealth Management 

One of the other niches that are widely respected surrounds wealth and wealth management. People are looking to make their money work for them while also getting the opportunity to make more money. Investments, new jobs, and many other potential links between wealth and other parts of a person’s life make it the perfect niche. In the past, wealth has performed very well for CPA marketing as both a consumer and an affiliate. There are many reputable programs out there which can help people get a better handle on their financial situation, and it’s worth introducing customers to them through this niche. 


This one might come as a surprise, but the fact is that videogames are experiencing explosive growth and hold a vast amount of marketing potential. More and more people are tuning into live steams of their favorite video games where professionals take part in online contests for prizes and bragging rights. Teams of players are sponsored, sites are launched, and streams are even posting commercials. The bottom line is that gaming is growing and it is certainly a worthwhile niche for people to look towards for CPA possibilities. 

As you can see, there are some old niches and some newer ones that are gaining ground in terms of CPA marketing. The staples of dating and health continue to bring in vast amounts of revenue each year while the niche of gaming managed to become a lot more popular. With all these changes occurring in the realm of marketing, it’s always good to be aware of the changes that are happening now.