Microsoft Teams Rooms Introduced to Simplify Workplace Collaboration


Despite being introduced just over two years ago, Microsoft Teams has already made a real impact on the digital collaboration space. Integrating seamlessly with Skype for Business and Office 365 apps, Teams is designed to improve workplace communications through a suite of video conferencing solutions and chat-based workspaces. 

Now with the release date of the Surface Hub 2 drawing ever closer, Microsoft are widening their Teams umbrella even further, after announcing that Skype Room Systems (SRS) has been rebranded as Microsoft Teams Rooms. Centred around a series of touch-screen control panels, SRS offers an intuitive collaboration platform which can be used to turn any room into a highly collaborative modern workspace. 

According to Microsoft, their SRS platforms have logged over 130 million minutes in meetings worldwide, as modern businesses continue to shift towards flexible and remote working practises. This sense of seamless collaboration has been enhanced even further by the arrival of Teams Rooms, as the newly-named platform introduces innovative features to streamline and simplify the way we collaborate. 

The Modern Workplace is Changing

Due to changes in modern workplace trends, the way we meet is changing. Clients, teams and collaborators are no longer simply based in one place, instead utilising advanced AV solutions to stay connected and work together from remote locations. Meetings now need to be much more flexible and activity-based, with advances in technology allowing businesses to truly optimise their collaboration spaces.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to provide such a collaborative, creative meeting experience, offering a flexible solution which allows remote workers to join meetings through the simple click of a button. Labelled as “One Touch Join”, this new feature simplifies the way teams collaborate and connect, embracing the evolving modern workplace and making it easier for everyone to work together everywhere. 

Attendees using mobile devices will also automatically join meetings in content-only mode, improving the quality of the audio and allowing them to view what’s being displayed on-screen. Minimising the risk of echo or feedback, Teams Rooms enhances the overall mobile experience and ensures remote workers feel more engaged with meetings and projects.  

Simplifying the Meeting Experience

The new Teams Rooms features are designed to simplify the entire meeting experience, encouraging teams to collaborate from different places and spaces. Scheduling meetings has never been easier, with users now able to arrange a Teams meeting directly through Outlook, while the introduction of the “Add a Room” function will allow you to seamlessly link different conferences together. 

In addition to the simple “One Touch Join” functionality, Teams Rooms also boasts innovative proximity detection—which detects nearby rooms and lets you add them to meetings. When connected to a Teams meeting, attendees can effortlessly share content and discuss new ideas, regardless of whether they’re based remotely or in-house. 

This inventive new solution can be deployed in a variety of different workspaces, with the technology providing a perfect collaboration solution for huddle rooms, boardrooms and large conference areas. In short, Teams Rooms offers a flexible, convenient and dependable way for teams to come together, with the range of compatible devices ensuring that meeting sessions become much more productive and collaborative.  

Maintain Full Meeting Control

Although meetings are perfect for brainstorming ideas and encouraging teams to work together, it’s always difficult to achieve results when there are too many voices shouting over one another. However, Microsoft Teams Rooms allows you to take full control of the scheduling, hosting and running of the entire meeting. 

The platform runs through a collection of touch-screen endpoints, with the likes of Logitech and Lenovo due to release new compatible devices towards the end of February. These control panels provide a simple, familiar interface which helps you manage the roster of meeting participants and mute those who aren’t relevant to you. 

Through the implementation of HD video and audio, Teams Rooms ensures that your meetings can become much more structured and focused, enhancing flexibility and minimising typical meeting room distractions. In Microsoft’s own words, it might be time to “transform every meeting” with Teams Rooms. 

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