YES BANK’s efforts in creating a data science community

Last month Yes Bank organized the Datathon with a focus to reach out to the global developers and the data science community to work on the bank’s data stacks using curated, tokenized and anonymized data. This was India’s first Bank-Led data science hackathon and saw a participation of over 6000+ data scientist/engineers and developers in its inaugural session. The initiative identified 200 top data scientists from the challenges who were given 60 days to create working data models and prototypes. This also gave data enthusiasts a good opportunity to work on a variety of use cases involving voluminous data and viewed this opportunity as a major driving force for their further learning.

Given the rapid changes on the technology front, the bank has adopted a great strategy to keep pace with the trends. Not just this, YES BANK has invested massively on scalable solutions like Hadoop to leverage on commodity servers as opposed to specialised hardware results in quantum cost savings on the infrastructure alone which is required to analyse large data sets – and lay the foundation for a successful AI journey. Further, leverage and engage the data science community in setting up a unique ecosystem of leaders and learners to collaboratively co-create AI led innovations. 

“With an increasing focus on retail customers, Yes Bank is now churning data to understand customer behaviour and offer a right mix of products based on a predictability model”

YES Bank is now actively partnering with top technology institutes — IITs and BITS— and will also host AI/ML challenges and data engineering workshops to deepen practical and technical knowhow of future technology leaders and widen the data science ecosystem. The 6 Data Science/Machine Learning challenges hosted in partnership with IITs/BITS will lead up to YES Datathon 2019 to be hosted in June 2019. Datathon will now onwards be prominently used to meet the talent pool requirements also.

YES BANK plans to use its platform Datathon, to hire and train budding talent in the data science domain to ultimately create a 100 + team of data scientists, developers and coders as part of their YES TechTonic Initiative. This nationwide community of industry leaders, students and professionals is a first of its kind initiative to boost the conversation of data science in India. YES DATA community will further serve as a platform for constant knowledge sharing and crowdsourcing of new ideas and concepts on future technologies.

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