Does Smart watches have an upper hand over Luxury ones?

Today’s world of gadget and gizmos has totally changed the shape of modern fashion. For instance, what used to be a simple hand-watch, meant to only see the time and in some cases; the date and the month is being challenged by the smartwatch.

Today’s times have become all about changing our fashion gears and making them more modernistic and relevant. In such a case, the simple hand-watch was meant to go through a great change and it has – with the introduction of the smart watch but does it actually have the upper hand over luxury watch?

The smart watches while very much popular are still finding themselves to be struggling to be more appealing to people over 40. We try and decode a few ways in which we can derive the conclusion that luxury watches are definitely here to stay :-

1) Precision and quality : while smartwatches are no doubt good in looks and come with loaded features – they’re however not the only criteria’s for a quality watch. Just like a good wine goes through months of relentless work – leading upto a pitch-perfect final result. The luxury watches are quite similar. There is a great attention to detail in every luxury watch – that’s where it’s name comes from. Unlike smartwatches, some luxury watches brands still use manual labor to get the perfect result. In today’s times where everything is about gadget and gizmos, luxury watches give you a sigh of relief with something that is classy and very stylish.

2) Collection appropriate : you’d probably not come across any individual who says that he collects smartwatches. There’s nothing to collect smartwatches for; they’re all more or less same and their longevity in terms of operation is not even remotely close to luxury watches. The style, rendering, attention to details are parts of a perfect luxury watch – which makes it a fashion accessory which collectors behold. There’s no chance that smartwatches can come even close to luxury watches when it comes to judging the two on the criterion of “preciousness”.

3) Status Symbol : a smartwatch, regardless of it’s price is still not a status symbol. Luxury watches however, for generations now; becomes synonym with celebrating big occasions in grand style. Gifting of luxury watches to kids on graduation, wife on anniversary or parents on birthdays is a tradition and continues to be a tradition. What a luxury watch communicates is simply that quality has no price, whereas smartwatches differ in pricing and come at as cheap as $15-20 – it has no match to the status symbol that luxury watches represent.

4) Value : smartwatches just like any tech product come at a price at which it’ll never get resold. Gadgets are bound by a limited life cycle, after which it is either of no use or gets sold at 80-90% depreciated value. That’s not the case with luxury watches and that’s what makes them standout. Luxury watches are like jewelry, they’re a treasured possession. It has been often noted that luxury watches even after 30-40 years of usage from top brands can either fetch you the same amount at which you bought it or even higher – which shows that demand for luxury watches hasn’t died out. There are luxury watch collectors that still find it extremely relevant and pay heavy bucks to add them to their collection.

5) A mere extension of smartmobiles (smartwatch) : the reason why smartwatches are not finding their market in people above 40 is because they provide nothing new, which smartphones don’t already provide. Be it bluetooth connectivity, step measurer, calling facility or the obvious – telling time. Having 2 gadgets that are quite similar in nature (with smartwatches of good brands coming at no cheap price), people are bound to question the relevance of smartwatch. Thus, you still see majority of people around the world still trusting analog watches (simple in style, does the work) and therefore the market for luxury watches doesn’t seem to be closing anytime soon. In these times of modernistic rapid developments, people are still in love with what luxury watches represent – the year old traditions of hand crafted perfection, to which no technological invention can ever come close.

Luxury watches are not merely a fashion accessory to tell time but it signifies so much more than just that. A luxury watch advocates for classiness, style & most importantly; tradition. Getting your family’s luxury watch that probably your grandfather owed will always have more holding to your memory than buying a new smartwatch – therefore the significance of a luxury watch becomes so much higher.