Email scrubbing, the best way to leverage your email campaigns


Email marketing is a form of direct and convenient marketing that uses email to convey and communicate commercials, advertisements, or news to your audience. It is a very efficient marketing method, that starts with a list of email subscribers – your most important business asset.

Email lists, however, are prone to problems like spam traps, abuse and disposable emails, and bots that lead to a lack of efficiency in sales. These barriers that stand in the path of a successful email marketing campaign not only cause a low bounce rate, but also affect your sender reputation.

There is one solution, though, against all these issues: using an email validation API to keep your email list clean and running it through an email scrubbing system as often as possible. Email list hygiene is imperative to prevent damage to your business and your sender reputation. An email validation service will help you increase your email deliverability and prevent your server domains from getting blacklisted. All email marketers can benefit from cleaning their email lists by investing in a good email verification and validation software. Not only will it remove malicious and invalid email addresses, but also help you boost your reputation and sales.


An email verification software is a programmatic and analytical software that verifies the recipient’s account and analyzes if the account mailbox is genuine, active and still receiving mails. Email verification weeds out unauthentic, invalid, malicious accounts, spam traps, and abuse email addresses that should not be on your email list. It therefore increases your efficiency and deliverability, allowing you to send messages to the right addresses.


Email validation, however, is little different. Email validation is a sure shot tool to leverage email marketing efficiency. Email validation is a process that has the ability to test an email address and see if it actually exists or not. Email validation takes upon a process of checking spelling and syntax to help you catch and correct errors. If synced with your email list, it can easily isolate such invalid and dormant addresses, thus increasing your efficiency, deliverability and reputation.

Both email verification and email validation come very handy for email marketers, therefore investing in them is a great option to boost your email marketing results.

When investing in email scrubbing, you should always choose a reliable, accurate and a user-friendly email verifier. Most of them, like, offer you a few free email validation credits, so you can try out the system before you make your purchase. Give it a shot and see how it works for you!

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