Software to clean scratch disk on Mac

The fact of usage of the solid-state drive the fact that many Mac users do not have enough allocated memory (only 128GB). Many users have seen that iPhoto libraries took much hard drive space, as much as there can be founded on their Mac. For stable and fast operation, it is strictly recommended to check the disk space once per month, and users can use like standard checking programs or the suggestions from third-parties. Which of them is preferred to use we will find out below.

Why are third-party applications being more efficient than the built-in ones?

Experienced users understand that to delete unnecessary documents from a scratch disk on a Mac, and you will need to pass the three stages:

1)Delete documents in the “Other” folder;

2) Check the “Downloads” folder;

3) Delete documents that you don’t use;

This procedure is lengthy and time-consuming. Requires constant user attention, and manual selection of files to be deleted. The programs of other producers in this question are more practical. Because the process goes almost automatically in those directories in which most of the files needs to be got rid of (cache, downloads, old files, etc.) accumulate. If you are looking for other methods of clearing scratch disk, check this guide:

How does third-party cleaning software work?

The mechanism of these programs is simple and reliable. Program delete documents of cache. This means that all files which were previously downloaded for the launching of web pages will be deleted.

At the user’s request, the “Downloads” folder can be automatically deleted. Many files, like “.iso”, are required to install programs and applications. Subsequently, these files can accumulate, and take up space on the disk (no less 1GB).

Also, these programs make the system files clear. During the upgrade of the operating system, update files are accumulate in system folders. Such programs delete old documents every month. The system is cleaned automatically and does not require the user’s attention.

Parameters of a program, which will be suitable for Mac.

Today, with the development of technology, many computer applications have been created to support the work of Mac. Not all of them are effective. Not all scratch disk improvement applications are useful. The ideal parameters for Mac are:

  • cleaning the registry;
  • removal of system errors;
  • getting rid of the files in the “Other” folder;
  • delete old files;
  • disk defragmentation and more.

The main problem is that many utilities are designed as universal. This means that the hard disk will not be cleaned thoroughly. Therefore, choose those applications that are specifically designed for the Mac.

The financial question of cleaning a scratch disk

Programs that perform computer cleaning are chargeable and free of charge. The result can be the same. No one wants to pay money for cleaning their Mac. Therefore, the most popular ones are free. Free versions are often trial demos. Usually, they do not include the full set of functions and maximum cleaning.

Paid versions are not provided for an unlimited number of users. The average price for 1 PC is 30 – 40 $. In this case, the result is much higher. The prices for such “cleaning services” are very different, as in other and term. Therefore, before choosing we recommend comparing all the offers (their demo versions).

How can I check if the program is suitable for my PC?

Find out which program for your computer will be the most efficient is very simple. Almost every software, paid, provides on the official website, a trial version, for free. After cleaning the scratch disk, you can later understand how well it works. We recommend installing several demo versions on such program. And with time you will have a correct answer.

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