5 Cool Things You Can Do With Samsung S Pen

The S Pen is a stylus that behaves more like a magic wand, but although it’s accompanied several previous generations of the Galaxy, it’s drawing a lot more attention since the debut of the Galaxy Note 8. It’s more than a simple stylus with which to press buttons on the touch screen, although some users haven’t yet explored its limitless potential. Not only can it create moving pictures and isolate your favorite apps in an easy-to-reach spot, but it’s also an excellent translator. These are the five coolest things you can do with the S pen.

Jot Down Notes as You Go

The ability to pull out your S Pen and write down memos, notes, and other vital details directly on the lock screen is one of its most impressive features. You don’t have to unlock your phone or go into a special app to begin your note taking, although you can do both of those things as well. It’s just not necessary.

Touch the tip of the S Pen stylus to the touch screen of your Galaxy phone and voila! Your handwriting immediately appears. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, you can write down whatever you like. As long as you have your phone on hand, you never have to scramble to find a pen again. That’s a small but time-saving convenience that you won’t realize you’ve missed until you try it.

Translate Your Handwriting Into Text

The handwriting feature extends past note taking. Do you ever tire of typing up texts using just your thumbs? Chatterboxes who love to text their pals but find themselves in possession of broad or clumsy thumbs can spend all of their time backspacing or apologizing for autocorrect. There’s also the question of typing up all of those handwritten notes, right? Not so much, since Samsung neatly anticipated those issues. With the click of a button, located on the stylus, the S Pen translates your handwriting into text. Practice teaching the phone your penmanship, whether it’s impeccable or illegible.

Turn Scribbles Into Actions

In addition to deciphering your scrawl, the S Pen helps turn your memos into actions. The message you compose by hand can go straight to the appropriate recipient. Craft an email and send it straight to your mail app. Jot down a shopping list on your lock screen, transcribe it into text, and transfer it to your favorite list-making app. The next time you take down someone’s phone number, scribble it quickly on the screen and save it to your contacts later. It goes without saying that this feature is a benefit in the classroom or during business meetings.

Create a GIF Message

Live Messages is one of the hottest features in the newest S Pen. It essentially captures what’s on the screen as you scrawl a word, draw an emoticon, or sketch a small figure. In turn, that creates a GIF, and every new GIF is a GIFt to the internet — get it? It’s a seemingly small thing, but you can get quite inventive, particularly if you have lovely handwriting or a talent for drawing.

Live Messages is exclusive to the new Galaxy, and users rave about it. It’s an efficient but fun way to share messages and news via your favorite social media networks. Because you can upload your GIFs through Instagram, Twitter, and Slack, as well as through text, you should get the Galaxy Note 8 from T-Mobile or a similarly speedy network. You need something as reliable and swift as the 4G LTE network to successfully send your messages even if you’re not connected to Wi Fi.

Prioritize Your Apps

The S Pen lets you keep your most-used apps in a convenient location. Using the Pen Window feature through Air Command, you can make assorted app trays for your apps. Just draw a window — i.e., a square — on the screen anywhere you want it. The tray remains where you stick it while you’re messing around in other apps.

In spite of how long the S Pen’s been around, Galaxy fans are still uncovering new features and tricks. What’s your favorite thing about the S Pen? Share what you’ve discovered.