Meet IRA – Smart Security solution that not only reports but helps Prevent!


IRA is a revolutionary smart security solution that uses behavioural audio and video analytics based security solution which not only watches over the user, but has the wisdom to discern & learn and has unique personal safety features. It detects intrusion and violence using situation interpretation algorithms that fuse behavioral audio and video analytics and deters it through its immediate local response that is controlled by the user.

How IRA works?

IRA is implemented in a stand-alone architecture and avoids vulnerabilities by using Edge Computing technology. By putting processing and data near the end points and looking at data processing as a set of tiered components that interact with one another, information need not be transmitted from the point of consumption back to centralized computing platforms. This helps reduce latency and allows faster response to data by operating an Instant Response Device without having to check in with a central process.

IRA utilises computer vision technology for automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images. Some of the most powerful Deep Learning algorithms are Deep Neural Networks constructed from many layers of alternating linear and non-linear processing units, and are trained using large-scale algorithms and massive amounts of training data. IRA uses Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence for video and audio analytics.

IRA uses Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence for video and data analytics and learns to identify violent behaviour, intrusions, dangerous objects and distress audio signals.

Here are some key differentiators:

  • The key differentiator – It’s an Autonomous AI based product and can take decisions on its own to prevent crime and responds instantly
    Most of the existing solutions require manual intervention
  • IRA Voice is a personal safety app that does not require an overt action from a distressed user
  • It utilizes the standard components of a smartphone to analyze audio signals for danger and trigger user-configured responses to situations without any intervention from the user
  • IRA Voice learns to identify bad behaviour from distressed cries and can be configured to autonomously respond in several ways
  • Since IRA Voice can identify danger and respond independently, it can also be used in case of medical emergencies, especially for people with disabilities and the elderly
  • In addition, the smartphone based solution can also be deployed to protect private spaces
  • A sophisticated algorithm that allows the product to maintain a passive half-awake state, it judiciously avoids invading privacy during routine activity
  • IRA Voice only triggers a predefined alarm or action when it identifies a noise to be related with panic, pain or fear.


As IRA will be a mass product, it will first hit the market as a mobile based security app, focusing on women safety which is large issue globally. Simultaneously, the company will be marketing it across OEMs, workplaces, home & other public premises.

The company has been working over the past few years towards developing this tech solution to curb violence against women. You can find more details about IRA here. They will pilot the product it in Asia Pacific, including India as part of the first roll out plan sometime around May 2018. However, Wise System aims to provide the solution worldwide.

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